Really weak Feed this morning

Yes, there wasn’t much in the Feed first thing in the morning. I suppose that’s a good thing if every bike wreck gets reported, but if it’s just because nobody feels like reporting bike wrecks then that’s a bad thing.

First up is a report from NYC about people with cars complaining because they are being treated like they are the problem (which they are). Downtowners debate D.O.T.’s grand bike plans The problem is traffic planning for the previous 5 decades has been exclusively car traffic planning, with bike and pedestrian facilities tacked on as an afterthought. Now there is no more room for cars because there has to be something to do once you get there by car otherwise why go? to increase the amount of people getting places they are going to have to decrease the number of cars moving through the area, because people are what spend money in stores and buy things, not cars. In fact people without cars can buy more things other than cars because they aren’t spending up to 25% of their takehome income paying for a car and the things that accompany car ownership, like registration, taxes, insurance and interest on the car loan. It has been found that people that ride bicycles as transportation do spend more at restaurants than people that just drive, but not as much for gas to get there, so the total night out is still less for the bicyclists.

Also in the news is the report that cars are paying even less of their costs because of the recession. Motorists’ habits spur call for tax increases You know I had to comment on this one in the comments section. I have been saying in my blog for years (before it was moved to this provider) that cars do not pay their way on the roads, that everybody pays for the roads, even people without cars. Well now that sad fact is coming home to haunt drivers. Boo hoo! I’m sobbing for the poor (or soon to be poor) car owners.

And that’s it for this morning.

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One response to “Really weak Feed this morning

  1. And yet, cyclists need good infrastructer too. Sadly it will be the paths and bike lanes and signage for pedestrians and bicyclists that get cut first.


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