LI NY LEO need your help, too many acronyms

Sorry about that, I got a bit carried away with abbreviations and acronyms. I’ll keep this post to one paragraph. Police in Long Island need your help in finding a killer. Suffolk County Police Search for Hit-and-Run Driver in Christmas Crash that Killed Cyclist First of all what in the name of Hephaestus are “low wheels”? Did they mean “lowrider rims”? Even that covers a lot of territory, as there are several different styles of traditional lowrider rims, the most common of which are brass or gold plated wire spokes with the actual rim also being plated. I think just looking for a Honda with front end and windshield damage will be more likely to find your car, check local body shops. And if you live in the area, keep one of those oculars peeled while you’re out and about. I know you already are keeping both of them peeled while you ride, just be taking note of what you see when you see it.

Billed @$.02, Opus


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