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Sexual ambiguity

OK this is a bit weird. as you know I keep a MySpace page up, where I used to keep my blog, and I still drop in every day and check out friends’ blogs and my messages.

Messages, that’s where the issue lies. Mixed messages, mistaken interpretations, and people that start writing before they even look at my pictures.

Girls, I appreciate the attention like all get out, but I’m not a lesbian. I’m not even female. Really, l like girls, but I have some things you probably don’t like. I wasn’t lieing about my last mammogram, I really have had 4 since 1998, and I wasn’t lieing about my lumpectomy either, they took it out of my left breast. My pink ribbon isn’t an affectation, it’s for reals. I also have a big bushy hairy beard from October through the end of February. On my face! and get your mind out of the gutter! While I would like very much to do what you requested you can’t do it to me because I don’t have that kind of equipment. I do have to admit it sounds…interesting.

See, I’m a guy, scratch in public, hairy, drink my Fat Tire straight from the bottle, GUY. I can be your friend, MySpace or IRL, and really some of my bestest friends and drinking buddies are lesbians. So don’t get mad at me, ‘K?

PSA, Opus


Attack of the Feed

Yep, there I was minding my own bidness when I was checking my MySpace messages, then dropped in to check out my e-mails, and there it was. Big as life, and nuthin’ I could do about it. Another Feed.

The Big Story is a San Diego bike commuter was nailed in the bike lane by an old guy driving a BMW. Bicyclist Struck And Killed In Sabre Springs and Autopsy Pending For Man Killed In Bike Crash and the latest updateID Released: Bicyclist Hit & Killed by Car in Sabre Springs Something has to be done. We moved off the roads and into Ghettos (bike lanes), and yet we still get hit and killed by drivers who can’t or won’t share the roads, even when we aren’t on them.

And from MI, a 16 YO that may have been impaired by alcohol kills a bike commuter. Warren bicyclist killed by car And less than 8 comments in we have a bike hater claiming the wreck was the fault of the cyclist and not the freshly minted 16 YO driver suspected of being under the influence not to mention 5 years away from being able to legally consume alcohol. Have I mentioned that I hate drunk drivers? Seriously, if it wasn’t for my ingrained sense of fairness for the newbs at drinking still learning how much is “too much” I would say throw them all in a pit and throw them a PB&J once a day.

And from Jolly Olde are two reports on the same wreck. Teen cyclist killed on Bristol’s Portway and from the Beeb Boy killed in Portway collision I don’t know why they even bother with more than one report, they don’t tell you anything anyway… Did I mention I love living in a country with a free press?

Aaaannndd that’s it for this Feed,

Billed @$.02, Opus

The wide wide world of the Feed

Well the Feed was certainly geographically varied this morning, from India to the UK, Seattle to the far eastern corner of Tennessee. There were also lots and lots of motorcycle wrecks again. Seriously you guys with the motors have to learn to ride those things better, and also not drink when you ride. The level of BAC that is legal as a cager will get you killed on a scoot. That’s the bottom line of drinking and riding motorcycles, the level of impairment is magnified when part of the workload includes keeping the vehicle stable and rolling on its tires instead of falling to the ground or worse. Also drinking was involved with not being able to see and avoid cagers, many cyclists that were hit over the Xmas and New Year’s holidays were hit by sober drivers violating the motorcyclist’s right of way, but the riders were drinking and unable to avoid. Don’t make me start another blog devoted to saving you scooter drivers’ lives, we’ve already seen what a mess that made of my life just taking care of the bicyclists. 😉

First up is a notice from a Seattle blog about an APB and citizen’s alert for a car suspected of being involved in e cyclist’s hit-and-run. Hit & Run Injures Cyclist – SPD Looking for Car I have only seen 2 articles from this blog, but I like it. No bombast, no hate, just news for the neighborhood and make of it what you will. That’s so unlike, say this blog.

From the Tri-State area of TN (TN, VA, KY) is a report on bike wrecks caused by dogs. Dog laws’ bite varies I have been in communications with various cyclists in the area and the majority of them say loose dogs are a worse hazard than motor vehicles. They have a real dog problem out there.

From the UK a man has been charged in the death of a 10 YO cyclist. Man charged over cycle boy death And apparently this is as much information as we are going to get until the trial is over, as a result of UK media laws that prohibit releasing evidence to the populace to prevent “trial by media” that happens so much in the US.

And our final article is a report on police gone wild, using an “Interceptor Van” as a weapon, hitting and killing cyclists, motorcyclists, and anybody else that got in the way… Interceptor goes on rampage near Kalupur; one killed Apparently the driver of the van didn’t like 2 wheeled transportation, as they seemed to be the only target for his destruction.

And that’s the Feed for this morning, but keep an ocular organ pointed at this blog for further updates at any time.

Billed @$.02, Opus

I forgot to tell you

OK background first: I am a lab rat. Not the white kind with the pink eyes and the tickle-y whiskers, although I am white and I have been told that my beard is kinda tickle-y. No I am one of the army of people that in exchange for treating whatever disease or condition we have allow pharmaceutical companies to try new medications out on us (or old ones for different purposes, that’s how Rogaine was developed into a baldness cure. Growing hair was a side-effect of a blood pressure medication that didn’t work too well even as a pill. Used topically it does almost nothing to reduce blood pressure while the side-effect of growing hair is magnified.) Anyway when they aren’t testing new stuff on me they do side-effect studies that mix various meds to see what doesn’t work. I found a really bad combination with a BP med and Zetia. It kills bugs, and isn’t all that great for the person that’s taking it either. Seriously, whatever this stuff was doing inside me would kill biting bugs in seconds. Fleas would bite me and die before they could jump off, mosquitoes would bite and be dead before they could withdraw from my skin (that was really weird). And you have to think if it’s doing that to bugs in a few seconds, what is it doing to me?

Anywho, I had a visit with the lab rat keeper yesterday and since Halloween I have lost 5 pounds, 2 after Thanksgiving and another 3 over Xmas and New Year’s, actual weight 218.8 pounds. Oh yes I have the resting heart rate and body temperature of a Galapagos Tortoise, comparatively speaking. Rest pulse was 48 and temperature was 97.7F. When you consider how little riding I did last year, at least until October, that’s pretty good. When I get Gigi finished with decent lights and cargo capacity and a real seat cushion I’ll be putting in even more miles and having even better stats at the Dr.’s office. My BP is still a touch high, which makes me still a good candidate for lab rat status.

Billed @$.02, Opus