I forgot to tell you

OK background first: I am a lab rat. Not the white kind with the pink eyes and the tickle-y whiskers, although I am white and I have been told that my beard is kinda tickle-y. No I am one of the army of people that in exchange for treating whatever disease or condition we have allow pharmaceutical companies to try new medications out on us (or old ones for different purposes, that’s how Rogaine was developed into a baldness cure. Growing hair was a side-effect of a blood pressure medication that didn’t work too well even as a pill. Used topically it does almost nothing to reduce blood pressure while the side-effect of growing hair is magnified.) Anyway when they aren’t testing new stuff on me they do side-effect studies that mix various meds to see what doesn’t work. I found a really bad combination with a BP med and Zetia. It kills bugs, and isn’t all that great for the person that’s taking it either. Seriously, whatever this stuff was doing inside me would kill biting bugs in seconds. Fleas would bite me and die before they could jump off, mosquitoes would bite and be dead before they could withdraw from my skin (that was really weird). And you have to think if it’s doing that to bugs in a few seconds, what is it doing to me?

Anywho, I had a visit with the lab rat keeper yesterday and since Halloween I have lost 5 pounds, 2 after Thanksgiving and another 3 over Xmas and New Year’s, actual weight 218.8 pounds. Oh yes I have the resting heart rate and body temperature of a Galapagos Tortoise, comparatively speaking. Rest pulse was 48 and temperature was 97.7F. When you consider how little riding I did last year, at least until October, that’s pretty good. When I get Gigi finished with decent lights and cargo capacity and a real seat cushion I’ll be putting in even more miles and having even better stats at the Dr.’s office. My BP is still a touch high, which makes me still a good candidate for lab rat status.

Billed @$.02, Opus


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