Sexual ambiguity

OK this is a bit weird. as you know I keep a MySpace page up, where I used to keep my blog, and I still drop in every day and check out friends’ blogs and my messages.

Messages, that’s where the issue lies. Mixed messages, mistaken interpretations, and people that start writing before they even look at my pictures.

Girls, I appreciate the attention like all get out, but I’m not a lesbian. I’m not even female. Really, l like girls, but I have some things you probably don’t like. I wasn’t lieing about my last mammogram, I really have had 4 since 1998, and I wasn’t lieing about my lumpectomy either, they took it out of my left breast. My pink ribbon isn’t an affectation, it’s for reals. I also have a big bushy hairy beard from October through the end of February. On my face! and get your mind out of the gutter! While I would like very much to do what you requested you can’t do it to me because I don’t have that kind of equipment. I do have to admit it sounds…interesting.

See, I’m a guy, scratch in public, hairy, drink my Fat Tire straight from the bottle, GUY. I can be your friend, MySpace or IRL, and really some of my bestest friends and drinking buddies are lesbians. So don’t get mad at me, ‘K?

PSA, Opus


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