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Vanity thy name is blogger

OK I know using Google as a tool for self-validation is narcissistic but I had to do it, so I Googled my blog title. Well good news I’m the second link on the list, or rather my blog is. Third listing, too! Many people are looking and linking to my blog. I keep having to go back and changing from the personal “me” to the possessive “my blog”. That says something about me I guess. Now all I need to do is get a few more links and make my blog (had to change it again) the top item on the list.

PSA Opus


Augh! It never ends, the Feed

I think I know a job I could do. After about 2 1/2 years of doing this blog on various servers and services I think I could get a job as a headline writer for a newspaper. I wouldn’t even have to be local to the paper, after all I have been doing this from my bedroom all this time (what, you thought I had some kind of fancy newsroom I used to gather all these stories and then type it all up and send it here? in your dreams, and mine, too) I have been writing as many as 6 posts a day, normally at least one except when I take a vacation from computers and the Internet during the Summer. That’s a lot of headlines over a long period of time.

Today’s Feed was a bit on the noisy side and low on signal. There were a lot of stories that had nothing to do with bicycles or even with motorcycles, except that there was a bike or scoot somewhere in the background. That still left 4 reports from around the world that were cycling related. There were not many wrecks involving cyclists, thank the Deity of your choice.

From LA CA we have a letter to the editor about how rude a cyclist was. Cyclist was rude Apparently this cyclist had decided to use the Idaho approach to red lights (treat them as stop signs) and the driver was offended. I get assaulted by drivers and passengers on a regular basis (in one town I get assaulted by buzz jobs or thrown debris every time I ride through), but do I get upset and write the editor? No I write it up in my blog, sillies. 😉 Seriously, the cyclist was not rude to the letter writer, the cyclist was just following the spirit of the law (except where by their nature laws do not apply to bicyclists)

For all you MTB riders there was a recall of a high end RockShox fork for OEM distribution. Three CPSC Recalls: Viking Toaster, SRAM Bicycle Forks, Ms. Bubble Hooded Jackets This is a potentially serious defect that can cause the steerer to come apart from the fork causing a wreck like George Hincappie on Paris-Roubaix a few years back (face first into the cobbles holding a useless pair of handlebars that were no longer connected to a bicycle).

From (I think) NC is a report on a chilly metric century to fight against cancer.Scene & Heard: Cold weather, warm hearts at bike benefit Not much I can add to this report, except where were the recumbents? A faired ‘bent is the perfect bike for cold weather, it keeps the cold wind off the body and moves through the cold, dense air more easily than an upright (AKA wedgie, ass-hatchet etc). Seriously, a nose-faired ‘bent is much more comfortable for long-distance cold weather riding than just about anything short of a car or a velomobile, which is a human powered vehicle designed to replace a car for daily use.

And our actual report on something related to a wreck, a man in Oz is charged in relation to a hit-and-run that killed one and seriously injured another in a 2 bicycle-one car wreck. Court hears bike crash accused has serious drug addiction I’m sorry but people with addictions to mind-altering chemicals like alcohol or recreational pharmaceuticals should not be driving especially while using. My opinions of drunk drivers and other impaired drivers is well know to regular readers of this blog. “Purple Passion” is a pastel description of my emotions against those who knowingly drive under the influence of mind-altering substances.

And that’s all I have from the morning Feed. As always, keep an ocular peeled for further updates, In the meantime I have to go fix my bike glasses, the point where the temple attaches to the frame had a fatigue failure after only about 5 months of use.

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