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Don’t get glasses from EyeMasters

I got new glasses from EyeMasters back in August, one pair of no line bifocals for computer work, and a pair of tinted single vision glasses for riding on the road. Well the frame on the single vision glasses broke the tab where the temple screws to the frame fatigued and broke, and EyeMasters will not repair or replace the broken frames, just sell me a new one for full price. I have to admit I did not get the warantee for past the 30 day period, but I expected some coverage against manufacturing defects for nearly new frames. Apparently EyeMasters will not stand behind their products unless you pay extra ahead of time.

I strongly suggest and urge that you not spend your money at EyeMasters.

PSA, Opus


Things are really noisy in the Feed

The Feed was exceptionally noisy today, with more dead horses, motorcycle riders, and general nonsense than bike stories.

First up, after the winter layoff many of you will need to get back in shape for the summer centuries and metrics (we have people in my bike club still doing double metrics this weekend, but they are strange, recumbent riding people). Here’s an exercise program for newbies or after a long layoff of the bike. Bicycle your way to fitness Of course we know L.A. has decent riding weather almost year-round, like TX, but you can use the same program after the winter “not riding” period.

The waste of a human life that hit those cyclists during the ETdT in Tucson went before a judge to enter his plea, and didn’t get thrown in jail! El Tour accident update: Driver pleads not guilty, cyclist remains in coma I don’t understand this, the man has shown depraved indifference to human suffering and attempted to destroy evidence, and they let him wander around without so much as an ankle bracelet monitoring device? Is that just reserved for people that maim and kill with guns, not with cars?. As you might guess I’m still livid about this one. One of the victims is still in the hospital and unable to breathe on his own.

And we have another SoCal SWSS, but the rider was apparently under the influence of medication or recreational pharmaceuticals. Freedom woman injured in bike crash This is another one that bothers me in that the driver was the only witness to the “swerving” cyclist, and there were no blood test results, just the officer on the scene commenting on a person that had a head injury and saying she was on drugs. Even if she wasn’t, the fact that the officer said she was will taint her case when she tries to get restitution for her injuries. Also the officer was mistaken when he said that riders must remain near the edge of the lane, riders may take the lane at any time they feel necessary for their safety.

An update on a wreck in the UK that I posted on earlier, they named the victim but are still asking for the person that stopped and gave first aid to come in to tell what they saw before the wreck. Injured cyclist, 89, named Usually I complain about UK articles never having any meat, but in this case the LEO have no information to give out.

And this story about a car hitting a bicyclist and 2 pedestrians, is one of those stories that make you ask “What were they on?” Three injured as car mounts pavement For those not familiar with British English, the car jumped the curb and went on the sidewalk (pavement).

And that’s it for this morning.

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