Daily Archives: January 11, 2009

A huge Feed, but nothing in it

Yes this was another one of those days when I had a huge Feed but no actual stories about bicycles. In fact if it wasn’t for a friend who forwarded me this one link I wouldn’t have anything to show for a half hour’s worth of clicking and reading links.

A NYT artricle that indirectly laments the automobile-centric planning since WWII also talks about the plight of bike commuters, who many assume are illegal immigrants, many of whom are legal immigrants, and some who just prefer 2 wheels over 4. Men on Bicycles Hey, I ride because I want to, I used to own a car, and driving had become just another chore. It wasn’t freeing me it was trapping me with the amount of money required to pay for making it legal and keeping it running, so I dumped it. Anyway, Iwas not aware of some of the wrecks listed in the article, like the car that was doing 80 when it hit-and-run the cyclist, or the pedestrian who was hit with no skid marks…

That’s all I have today, keep an ocular pointed in this direction for further updates.

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