What is the matter with the Feed?

I read links for almost an hour today, and had nothing from North America about bicycles, not even cutesy articles about children’s bike “safety” events that consist entirely of telling them not to ride in the street and always wear a helmet. Nothing! And my reports from the other 6 continents were only marginally better with 2 reports that had bicycles as their main subject. One of those concerns a subject which is very near and dear to my heart, and the other is just insane.

Well, lets take care of crazy first, because crazy isn’t going to take care of itself. ‘How can you drive into cyclists?’ Yes, he was hit from behind by a cop while taking part in a sanctioned race that was supposed to have police cooperation. The idiot with a badge had passed the peloton of about 60 and when he got to the breakaway he just hit them from behind… Suggestions: Take the badge and gun away from the cop immediately, if he’s that mad at cyclists that he tries to kill them he has no business controlling another deadly weapon, and charge him with assault with a deadly weapon for hitting the cyclists. And maybe at least take away his driver’s license until trial?

And for the story about the subject that is near and dear, a Scottish cyclist has a horrific wreck and becomes brain damaged, much more severely than I was. Return from the dead Even in the UK where medical care is universally available they still have this disconnect between the brain and the rest of the body. Just because the body is alive and somewhat mobile doesn’t mean the patient is cured, brain injury is subtle in structure but devastating in nature. And I should know, my brain damage was not even visible on a CAT scan when I was admitted to the hospital (well it might have been visible if you had known it was there, but even to highly trained doctors who did not know where to look it was not visible), but the effects were life altering.

And that’s all I have this morning. Seriously, now go read a book or take a bike ride or something instead of spending all day cooped up with a computer.

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