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And it just keeps on coming

The Feed is like a firehose of information, but the part I want is only a steady trickle. The signal to noise this morning was about normal, maybe a little worse, which means that I spent over an hour reading links to bring you 4 articles of interest.

Getting the worst one out of the way first is a police blotter report from West Linn OR. Police log The bicycle wreck is about 2/3 of the way down the page. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. And no I can’t explain it.

A convalescing rider has some bones to pick with Madison Avenue. Commercial breaks I have to admit that when I see a bike in a commercial not for bikes the depiction is usually not flattering. I haven’t seen one of the commercials mentioned in the article but I have to say if true the depiction is a hate crime, had they depicted a motorist in the same situation the outcry would have been deafening.

And from the state that brought you Wallace and the 10 Commandments Judge we get the news that if you leave off or remove a reflector from your bike you may be denied compensation for your injuries even if the reflector’s presence would have done nothing to prevent the wreck. Bicycle accidents and contributory negligence I have nothing more to say except out of 50 states somebody has to come in last…

And from the Emerald Isle is yet another report on the man hit by a cement truck, with yet again nothing in the way of usable content. Cyclist dies in Dublin crash Ugh, he died right in front of a bicycle shop. I bet that had a wonderful effect on the day’s sales. And as a comment, cement trucks are notorious for their huge blind spots, stay away from them if at all possible.

And that’s the whole mess for this morning. More later, maybe. Check back in often and see.

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Another huge late night Feed

Well it happened again, just a couple hours before bedtime and I get a huge Feed that just absolutely had to be parsed and presented now. Aren’t you happy about how I take care of my readers? 😉 Seriously, this thing was just too big to let it hang around all night without taking care of it, and the signal to noise ratio was too high. I would have been spending all day at the computer had I left this thing until morning and allowed the morning Feed to also accumulate.

Well, poop! The links are disappearing while I try to get this written up. A story about a cyclist getting killed and the teen killer being indicted has vanished without a trace from a newspaper site in GA. Sorry folks.

Continued coverage of the ghost bikes in NYC from another source than before. Haunting ‘pale riders’-Bklyn activists put death of cyclists in the spotlight I have lost count, how many articles does this make? This must be an important story in NYC from all the media outlets that are covering it.

The rest of the Feed is from outside North America, if the links stay up.

We have a metric buttload from the UK, including some multiples. Getting to the multiples first, we have a report on a man hit by a garbage truck. Cyclist is killed in collision with council rubbish lorry and also included in this report Witness appeals after accidents kill woman, 70, and cyclist, 45 Apparently LEO wish for outside witnesses of what took place immediately before the wrecks.

Also from the Jolly Olde is a report on trying to reduce cyclist deaths by lorry. Cyclists to be warned of lorry dangers Yes trucks killed 70% of the cyclists killed in London, watch out for them. They can’t see you.

And another cyclist gets killed. Cyclist killed in Ilkeston collision And that was almost the entire report in the summary, save a few details. “Save a few” I guess I have been reading too many UK reports, I’m starting to write like them.

A brain damaged cyclist recovers enough to attempt crossing Australia. Odyssey takes rider to far end of Earth well I guess I don’t have too much longer to wait, my wreck was only 7 years ago, his was 20 years ago and now he’s going to be riding across Oz.

The same wreck has two reports from the Emerald Isle. Cyclist killed in cement truck crash and Cyclist’s death prompts plea Unfortunately Ireland has the same media laws as the UK so that’s about all we know about the wreck is the he was killed by a cement truck.

And as times get worse in Oz thieves are forced to switch to escape by bicycle. The Berwick News continues to take a look at what was making news last year. This was kind of a police blotter report and was current for last week.

And that’s all that’s left after the stories that vanished. More in the morning.

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