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Well Stanley, this is another fine mess

For those of you who are wondering who Stanley is, go watch a Laurel and Hardy movie. I wonder about things that I used to find funny as a child, that just seem mean to me now. Does that imply a lack of compassion as a child? or maybe I was just a jerk when I was younger and laughed at other’s pain because I was told that it was funny. At any rate physical humor no longer strikes me as funny when it involves real people. Animation though, man I love to see that coyote get blown up, the mouse get smashed etc. Knowing that pictures on paper can’t suffer pain or embarrassment makes a difference.

Well, for some people it made a difference, some people just don’t care about human suffering, like that “doctor” in LA CA that did the swoop and squat on 2 cyclists last summer. Brentwood doctor pleads not guilty to injuring cyclists and Doctor, cyclists collide over street etiquette
Funny at the time it happened he seemed quite proud and pleased of what he did. I guess being charged with 4 felonies has a way of changing your mind?

SF cyclists are mad because instead of enforcing a no right turn law in an intersection that has injured 16 cyclists since 2005, the Gov’t is pulling the bike lane and requiring cyclists to share the lane in that block. Gearing up for protest Yes that seems odd to me as well, instead of enforcing the law, make it easier to break it? Hey why not just put the tellers in the middle of the lobby to make robbing banks easier?

And in West Virginia a man is indicted in a DUI hit-and-run that killed a cyclist. Man indicted for killing cyclist This is the first I heard of this particular wreck, but I wonder what the maximum sentence for the charges is?

And how do you ride a bicycle after someone tries to kill you? For these guys it was easy, since the people that were trying to kill them were using bombs and guns, not their cars. Wounded Soldiers Cycle From Miami To Key West As a Vet I’m fully placing the Witchy Seal of Approval on this ride. If there’s a Wounded Warrior ride near you, go do it…

And a worrying note from the Great White North as some legislators try to ban under 14 YO from being on motorcycles. No kids on bikes? So why should those of us on bicycles be concerned? Well this law was proposed with virtually no statistical justification, but as the article points out there is substantial statistical justification for banning 14 YO and under bicyclists from the streets. What is there to prevent that from happening to us?

In this article from Jolly Olde I’m not sure if it was a motorcycle rider riding too fast for conditions, or a bicycle or motorcycle rider who was cut off and brake-checked. Bike rider hurt in North Shore crash And again they state the driver of a multi-ton vehicle was uninjured by his vehicle being struck by a bike that weighed less than 500 pounds if it was a scoot, or less than 50 pounds if it was a bicycle. (Empty weights).

And in a striking parallel to the story in LA we have a UK GP doctor on trial for killing a cyclist with a motor vehicle. GP accused of causing death of cyclist, 82 Testimony in the case indicates the driver did not yield right-of-way to the cyclist that was already in the intersection and just drove right into him.

And a cyclist that was hit while waiting at the side of the road gets paid 45% of his damages. Injured cyclist to get payout Even at only 45% of recovered damages and with NHS covering most of the initial medical expenses they still expect a 6 to 8 figure payout (in GB Pounds). That was some wreck…

And a man on a bike comes around a vehicle parked in the bike lane and when he tries to get back on the bike lane he falls. Charity cyclist blames council for accident Apparently the bike lane in this particular stretch of road is not designed to be entered easily from the main lane of travel, so blocking the lane creates a severe hazard to navigation.

And that’s all I have so far today, and there’s a drum jam at church tonight so I won’t be home after dinner this evening.

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Thud, thud, thud the hits just keep on coming

I can’t even take a break today, every time I turn around there’s another batch of dead and injured cyclists in my Inbox.

Let’s get right off with a waste of human skin, shall we? Driver indicted in death of Columbus cyclist In case you weren’t reading my MySpace blog when this happened, the girl drifted over into the shoulder of the road and hit 2 cyclists from behind with her SUV. If convicted on all charges, and if the maximum consecutive sentences were given, Griffin would have a four-year sentence. Kill a man and cripple another, go to jail for four years, MAX. TANJ!

From Jolly Olde the survivor of a deceased cyclist calls for closing the road where her partner was killed along with 2 others since 2002. Partner of dead cyclist backs call for debate on killer Rosyth road I’m just shocked at the levels of death and accidents that people in the UK call unacceptable, we have intersections here in Garland that have higher death tolls than the entire length of the road in question in the article.

Along those same lines from Ireland where a cyclist was killed by a cement truck earlier this week people are calling for banning all large trucks from the city proper. Crackdown on trucks urged as cyclist crushed by cement mixer Had this wreck happened in TX the call would have been for the banning of bicycles instead of trucks. Our brothers from the Old Country have their priorities straight.

And in an English language newspaper in Mallorca a cyclist is the first road death of the year. Cyclist becomes first Balearics road victim of 2009 Notice the damage to the windshield and roof on the car in the picture. That was not a survivable impact, even if the cyclist had been wearing a helmet, which wasn’t mentioned in the article.

And from Oz a report on an illegal street race. Suburban cyclists ‘racing without road rules’ Need I say that this is a very bad idea? If you must race without going to a sanctioned race get out of the city. We have a bad enough image problem without illegal street races.

And I’m going to be shutting down the computer early tonight, I have had more than enough of this for the time being.

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