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At last, it’s over!!!

We can now say the words I have longed to say for more than 6 years, “Former President George W, Bush”. I only wish it was “The late President George W. Bush”, but hey he’s no longer actively staining the honor of my country.

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Some weird “stuff”

I spent hours filtering the Feed for y’all this morning while watching the Inauguration preliminaries. You would not believe some of the stupid “stuff” I had to wade through. Some I have included in this morning’s post because, well it’s danged funny and I think y’all will find amusement in it. Some of it is as tragic as life and death, but then that’s normal for this blog. When you have to wade in virtual gore like I have to to provide these posts in this blog for you, the funny stuff is just that much more precious. And I mean that in both senses of the word, as in valuable beyond price and charming. Well, that’s all the preamble I have, so enjoy(?) this post.

Up first is a British cyclist that forgot which side of the road to ride on in the US. Champion British mountain biker hurt after hitting pickup near Corralitos Yeah, hitting a truck head on is a cast iron bitch, but at least she wasn’t seriously injured. I still think the helmet reference was gratuitous given that legally she was not required to wear on and they didn’t give the helmet status of the pickup driver. As for how to avoid finding yourself in the same situation, well first don’t grow up riding in the UK. And watch where you ride, so that you don’t cross the centerline against oncoming traffic.

And with all the pomp and ceremony going on in DC a cyclist rides across the country to celebrate the first African-American President of the United States. Mixing a little public good with the inauguration’s excess I celebrate this man’s accomplishment (riding across the country is no picnic in good weather, and the weather in the last few days has been in the deep freeze) and ask “Where did Rep. Earl Blumenauer find that funky groovy bike helmet?” Seriously is that not the coolest looking winter bike helmet you have ever seen? And Ryan Bowen you did good.

There are hazards out there that are specific to the area where you ride. I couldn’t believe this particular hazard to cycling. Cow charges cyclist on Boulder open space That’s right, cows can be a hazard to cycling. The comments section of this article are actually quite amoozing, I really suggest that you not be consuming beverages while reading. SPEW ALERT

Even the best cyclists will get injured at some point in their careers, this article has data from someone that has been there. Injured cyclist shares some of his stretches When injury or illness from whatever source keep you off the bike, stretching will be required before returning to prevent re-injury to the fragile newly healed parts.

And if you live in WV you can find a place to ride with these guys. Putnam County bicycling club gears up for 2009 I don’t like off road bicycling, but if that’s your cup of Joe then go for it, enjoy.

Even in the most exotic of locales you must never let your guard down. Hit and Run Leaves Cyclist Injured Even in a tropical paradise people will do stupid things. Don’t let it be you.

Our final story is from South Africa. Cyclist ‘saved by an angel’ I noticed there was nothing in the article about the driver of the car that hit the cyclist…

And that’s it for this morning.

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The Inauguration

The ingathering for the inauguration is going on as I type, and I keep having this little fantasy: After Barack is sworn in the living Presidents and Vice Presidents all pull out pistols and declare “W” guilty of war crimes by a jury of his peers and shoot him in the face. Ain’t gonna happen, but hey, it makes me feel good

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Thud, thud, thud Pt. 2

Yes, the hits keep on coming, this time from outside the US. Late Feeds tend to be like that.

From Jolly Olde another report on the Ghost Bike installation for the fallen Scottish cycling champion. Widow of champion cyclist joins tribute There’s not much I can add to the report from the article, except it never should have happened.

From the Emerald Isle, a report on the possibility of banning semis and other large vehicles with poor sight lines from city centers except for deliveries. Cyclists in danger That would never fly in the US, if anything the opposite would be true, there would be calls for banning bicycles.

Finally an article from OZ about a cyclist that was recently killed. Road safety plea “It doesn’t matter if you are in the right or wrong, as a cyclist you will usually come off second best,”Ain’t it the truth?

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