An all-update Feed

Everything in the Feed today was and update of some kind to other reports.

First up is a really old argument. Can cycling affect men’s sexual health? This one has been hashed over since the late 1980s. I ride a bike that has a seat that doesn’t put pressure on the perinium (sp?) so I have no such issues. Now keeping the skin over my coccyx intact is another story altogether, but that doesn’t effect my ability to enjoy sex.

The big story for today is the Glenda Rumsey sentencing. Fate tragically brought boy, drunken driver together and Drunk driver to spend 14 years in prison This is one of those stories that while I’m glad the perp is going to spend some time in prison, I would prefer that the crime had never happened, that a brilliant young man had been allowed to grow up and achieve his potential. Unless and until drunk driving is treated with the seriousness it deserves this will continue to happen because people will continue to treat it as a minor offense, instead of the reality of a person in control of a WMD but not in control of themselves when driving drunk.

An update on the UK cyclist hit in SoCal. Injured professional cyclist Rachel Atherton: Helmet broke before ride started I still stand by my comment from a previous blog post on this subject.

And more than a month later Seattle cyclists are still dealing with treacherous piles of sand in the bike lanes that was applied to melt snow and provide some traction for cars. December’s snow remedy wreaking havoc on cyclists What amuses me are the comments accusing the cyclists of being crybabies because of the sand when it doesn’t bother cars.

A Louisiana community expresses concern about a bike wreck. Community concerned on Meagan Stanley’s death The ironic thing is the concern is not on how to prevent cars from hitting kids on bikes, it’s that the kid in this case was not wearing a helmet. I have said this before but in a blog that was not visible to search engines or readable to people that were not members of the site: Bike helmets will not prevent wrecks. Never have and never will, no how no way. The best you can hope for from a bike helmet in a wreck is that the head injury you get will be less than the injury you would have gotten without it. Given that 80% of bicyclist deaths include head injury you would think that helmet use should be a priority, but bicyclists are not dieing from head trauma so much as they are dieing from car crashes. Head trauma is a symptom, the real disease is the car crash.

And that’s all I have for you this morning.

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