Glenda Rumsey gets 14 years in prison!

Yes, I’m happy. It could be better, but we don’t have a perfect system. I wish I knew what the potential sentence could have been. Woman who killed young bicyclist gets 14 years in prison RIP Jose Rincon. May your stay in the Summerlands be peaceful, and as long as you need.

From my hometown paper is an article on bike commuting. Bike commuters brave the elements to stay in shape The Metromess is a bad place to commute by bicycle, but some of us do (or did) it every day. My wreck was when I was commuting back in 2001, riding 5000 miles a year. Now I ride along the lines of 1000 to 3000 miles a year just riding around.

Intelligence does not seem to be a requirement for residing in the Great White North. Vandals trash ghost bike I equate this to trashing a cemetery.

A story from Enn Zed has a driver charged in the death of a cyclist. Charges in death of cyclist This is why cars running red lights is so much more dangerous than bicycles. I don’t mean to suggest that you run a red light on your bike, just that a car running a red light is a deadly weapon. Idaho law allows bicycles to procede through a red light as if it was a stop sign, and was passed because they didn’t want to spend the money to change the sensor loops to detect bicycles. From what I have heard the law has had zilch effect on bicycle safety, as the benefits of not having to sit in the crosshairs at intersections was countered by drivers that hate.

Finally is a report from Jolly Olde on infrastructure in London. Great West Road danger petition launched Oh, to live in a country where you can file a petition when a couple people get killed on bicycles on the same street in a couple of years…

That’s it for tonight, I’m shutting down the computer and celebrating. Barack Obama becoming the 44th President and Glenda Rumsey getting 14 years in prison, all on the same day, whoda thunk it?

Billed @$.02, Opus


2 responses to “Glenda Rumsey gets 14 years in prison!

  1. everyone is fast t judge someone, when in fact if there wouldhavebeen lights or thecyclist were tohave hd eflecto or a lt on his bike and stayed out of traffic he may still be here hcould gotten hit by anyone just so happens glenda was the one at the wrong place. yes she had been drinking,but she would havhit him any way,youdont ride in the street whe its dark with no reflectors or lights withoutthe risk of being hit, the other boy is lucky he is still here.i think sine the boys family had members in the local gov. she was not given achance, now her children are motherless, it truly was a tragic god be mercyfull andbles her children, vengence ismine saysthe lord ad 1 ys want bring jose back.jus leave to kids motherless.allofus has madea baddecision in our life , there was no leinetsee in this case. may god be wit all involved,


    • Opus the Poet

      I just wanted everyone to see the kind of support Glenda still gets, blaming the victim, and the spelling and lack of capitalization.


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