Here and there, a scattered Feed

Yes the Feed was “scattered” again, both by geography and theme. From Colorado to Bangalore, India, from sidewalk violations to hit-and-run with multiple fatalities, we went everywhere and found “lots of stuff”. Enough preamble time to get to the links.

First up is the article from CO on CU trying to reign in sidewalk violations. CU cracks down on unsafe cyclists, skateboarders Oh my goodness the danger and carnage! Somebody ran over a dog’s paw. OK getting serious now, behave when you’re on the sidewalk getting to the bike racks. Remember pedestrians are on our side of the transportation battle, don’t hit them. If you do hit one, stay there until all the legalities are taken care of. Don’t be a hit-and-run cyclist.

From Jolly Olde is a typical UK media report on a kid hit by a car. Cyclist injured in car crash Typical UK coverage, but I’m glad the kid is going to be OK.

From Oz we have a report on a truck driver that hit 3 cyclists at once. Cyclist killed, another injured in truck smash Hit 3, killed one, severely injured a second and gave the third a severe case of “brown trousers”. I have to wonder what was going on when someone hits multiple cyclists in kit as these riders were. I mean it’s not like they were wearing camo like the National Guard cycling team…

And finally that massive hit-and-run from Bangalore. Hit-and-run case in Bangalore, 4 dead, 1 injured The drivcer in this case has to be a world class asshole, he went up an 18″ bank to get to the pedestrians so he knew he was way off the road, and then he drove off. His karma is very bad, he may be lucky to come back as a snake or a rat next cycle 😉

And that’s the Feed for this morning.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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