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Updates from this morning’s post

Well, there was another Feed this afternoon, and it was a mass of multiple reports that update stories that I told you about in this morning’s post. The Indian media are especially jumping all over their wreck that killed 4.

But first we have an infrastructure article from AZ on their experiments with traffic calming on a street in Tempe. Residents respond to College Avenue changes Some residents are not impressed, and others are just not aware of the concept of “traffic calming” as they complained about how the changes made driving cars more difficult…

And getting to that story from India… Four killed in Bangalore hit-and-run accident and Four killed in road accident in Bangalore also Bangalore hit-and-run accused surrenders This is a big story for Bangalore…

And winding things up tonight are all the updated reports from Oz on the 3 cyclist wreck with a truck. One dead as truck hits cyclists and One killed as truck ploughs into cyclists and Killed cyclist ‘was a wonderful guy’ and finally Truck driver held after cyclist killed in crash With the benefit of the further reports we now know that the cyclists were riding legally on the shoulder when the truck driver came over into their lane and hit them from behind, killing one, injuring a second, and scaring the whee out of the third, and that there was no visibility problems at the time of the wreck.

And that’s the Feed for this evening… As the little girl said about her chest, watch this space for further development.

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