An all-Oz Feed today

Well there wasn’t much useful in the Feed this morning, very bad signal to noise ratio and all that. Translated there was an awful lot of non-cycling reports in there with much gore and stupidity, that I have spared you from. You’re welcome.

We have 2 stories to report on this morning both from Oz and both a bit stupid. The first is something that we have experienced in the US several times. Barbed wire, spikes found near picnic spot Yes another idiot taking it upon himself to prevent people from doing things he doesn’t like (and in these stories it is invariably a male) and potentially killing or permanently injuring someone. I hope they catch the guy and put him away for his own safety.

And another salvo in the never-ending war over bicycle helmet laws from the UK via Oz. Name’s the game It’s a bit down the page look for this headline before the paragraph: “Heading for trouble” I have already made my views known on helmet laws, I won’t waste bandwidth restating them here.

And that’s the distilled wisdom from the Feed for this morning. More later as I catch it.

Billed @$.02, Opus


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