Bad wrecks and updated reports

We had a bunch of updated reports and multiples today, and some really bad new wrecks to tell you about. There was more from that hit-and-run in Bangalore, an update on the wreck in Oz, and a report on yet another cyclist killed in FL.

Getting to the FL cyclist killed, the 5th since the start of the new year, he was walking his bike across the intersection when he was hit. St. Petersburg bicyclist killed on U.S. 19 and Pedestrian Struck, Killed By Truck The report that there was a second car that was slowing coming to the intersection, that the cyclist was walking his bike through the intersection, and the Streets View leads me to believe that the driver that hit the cyclist was running a red light.

A hit-and-run in Toledo. Bicyclist killed in hit-skip in East Toledo He left the house around 5AM and they found the body at 6:45, but they don’t say how far from the house nor which direction he was traveling, out bound or in bound. Really there isn’t much I can tell you about this wreck, as the only witness to survive the wreck left the scene, and they won’t know what he died from until they do the autopsy tomorrow. They’ll be able to tell which direction he got hit from and what got hit the worst, and maybe recover some bits from the impacting vehicle (aka The Murder Weapon). I’ll keep an eye on this one.

An update on that wreck from Oz that killed one and severely injured a second cyclist of 3 in a group. Cyclist on life support after fatal accident Unfortunately Oz media laws are patterned after UK laws so other than they got hit from behind by a vehicle that wandered into their lane, I can’t say anything about the wreck itself, what happened to the driver or anything else. To avoid check six constantly as all the threats in this situation come from behind at a high rate of speed.

And the Indian press is having a field day on the wreck in Bangalore this weekend as 3 pedestrians and a cyclist are killed instantly. Four killed in Bangalore hit-and-run accident and Car mows down three morning walkers, cyclist The picture of the killer’s wrecked car is a little chilling, as you can see where each individual was hit.

And that’s today’s Feed, keep an ocular pointed in this direction for more news.

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