They snuck one by me

This is a local to me story, about the first bike lanes in Dallas in their planning stages. Bicycle Lanes Coming to Dallas Wow! there was an earlier report. This Katy Trail Arts Loop Sounds Interesting. But That’s a Lot of Green. I’m of 2 minds about bike lanes as opposed to Vehicular Cycling. On the one hand bike lanes are known and proven to increase bike share, as opposed to bike paths that usually go nowhere. They do create almost as many problems as they solve, however. (Google Tracy Sparling and Brett Jarolmek in Portland, getting killed by heavy trucks turning across the bike lane). On the other hand, educating drivers that sharing the roads doesn’t mean for bicycles to get the hell out of the way is very cost effective, and applies to every road, not just the one that has a bike lane. Also in favor of education is the attitude that when bike lanes are built that is the only place bicycles can be, when in fact they can be on the roads anyplace whether there is a bike lane or not.

I would like to see some bike lanes in Dallas County, it’s the most populous metropolitan area in the world without bike lanes. I think all the 40 MPH and faster roads should have segregated bike lanes, which is basically all the through roads in the County.

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