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Still weird Feed today

The Feed was really weird again, with almost nothing that pertained to bicycles in any way shape or form. It gets like that sometimes. Some days I get wall to wall wrecks, infrastructure, and legal questions stories, some days I get wall to wall dreck. Today was dreck.

Well, mostly dreck. We have a report from FL on the FHP finding and arresting a hit-and-run driver that tried to destroy the evidence. Driver arrested in hit-and-run that left cyclist in critical condition I’m impressed by the fact that FHP actually went and got divers to find the passenger side door in a lake behind the perp’s house.

A CA woman gets a slap on the wrist for DUI assault. Woman Who Hit Cyclists Avoids Prison Term What I found amazing in this article was there were 27 comments on the article and not a single mention that the cyclists were at fault because they were there to get hit, or any other such stupidity. All I saw was outrage against the judge and DA for the light sentence.

A relative of Jose “Guapo” Rincon who was killed by a woman who had a BAC of .249% more than 2 hours after the wreck writes this article in the Tucson Citizen. Teen columnist: Cousin Guapo’s smiling spirit lives on I have nothing but contempt for the waste of human skin that killed Jose and injured his friend as they were walking their bikes about 15 feet off the edge of the road surface. He wasn’t even riding on the road, for crying out loud, he was hit by a driver that could not tell the difference between driving on the grass on the side of the road and the road. She got what the family wanted as far as prison time is concerned, so if they’re happy, I’m happy.

A press release on road safety is wrong on so many levels I can’t even begin to enumerate them. Ten Tips on Nighttime Safety for Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Motorists By Vedante Can you see it? The whole list is so biased in favor of not making cars slow down at night that it’s almost useless for other roads users.

And that’s all I can pull out of the Feed this morning. Be watching this site for further updates as they come in.

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