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And the poor signal to noise ratio continues

I tell you I’m getting so tired of wading through dreck to find the occasional nuggets of information. After spending hours of wading through the Feed today, I found only 2 articles of interest to cyclists, one legislative and another from the UK. Yeah, hours reading dreck and all I have for you is a debate on treating stop signs as yields, and another article from UK media that has everything but what happened that I can use to tell you how to not end up in the same situation.

Well, getting to the stop sign article from OR first. Should bicyclists be allowed to roll past stop signs? The debate is what is called “The Idaho law” treatment on stop signs, that allow cyclists to treat stop signs as yields because of their superior visibility from the driver’s seat of the cycle, and because stop signs take a much harder toll on rider’s energy than it does for motor vehicles. A scientific study found that frequent stop signs can reduce a rider’s speed 40% at the same output or cause rider’s energy output to increase as much as 500% to maintain average speed. I wish I could find those articles but the links are no longer active to the stories that had live links on those reports.

And from the UK is that report on a cyclist that got hit. Cyclist, 66, injured in road collision And now you know as much as I do on this wreck…

Aaaaannnnnd that’s all the useful information I have from this morning. Keep an ocular pointed in this direction for more information as I get it.

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Another late night Feed

I don’t know what is going on with the Feed the last couple of days, but the signal to noise ratio has been abysmal. I must have seen more dead motorcyclists than all the bicyclist reports in the Feed, you guys with motors on your bikes are much more adept at killing yourselves…

There’s a bit of an infrastructure tiff in Tucson AZ. Bike Paradise It seems that a new skate park was built with fund raising by, among others, local BMX clubs under the impression that bikes would be allowed to use the facility, and who were surprised to say the least when the final rules of use prohibited them from it…

And a drunk driver pleads to killing a cyclist. Benton Man Pleads Guilty in Bicyclist’s Death For those that are new to any of my blogs, drunk drivers are the lowest of the low, using a WMD as transportation, but not in total control over it, kinda like W with The Button. When caught after killing someone they should be thrown under the jail, and if they manage to dig their way out, thrown under 2 jails. I have seen the damage drunks can do behind the wheel, and personally pulled survivors from the wreckage and kept kids from rubbing their faces and eyes when they were full of glass from broken windshields.

There will be more later.

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