Daily Archives: January 31, 2009

Here and there, and a waste of human skin

Well the Feed was entirely in the US today, at least the bike related stories were, but thematically it was all over the map, from reports on a woman charged in a hit-and-run, to a fluff piece on fixie riders, to an opinion piece on bike lane laws.

Getting to the waste of human skin first, the driver in a hit-and-run waives her right to a preliminary hearing. Woman waives court hearing in bicyclist’s death and with a little bit more information Preliminary hearing waived in bicycle hit-and-run case For new readers, this was a very nasty wreck. The second article recounts some of her shenanigans to hide her involvement in the wreck, which by some accounts she stopped at but left, then staged a second wreck to hide the damage from hitting the cyclist. The evidence against her is pretty bad, I hope Justice will prevail. As the saying goes give her a fair trial and a decent hangin’.

From FL the top of the letters column has an opinion on their proposed bike lane law. Instead of bike lane law, enforce existing ones I see a potential law restricting bikes to unsafe bike lanes just because there are bike lanes there as a field day for unfriendly law enforcement.

And bringing up the rear is a fluff piece on Fixie “culture”. The fixie is in Yeah, I’m not big on fixies but I understand the attraction. I’m a big fan of engineering end a fixie is the simplest solution to the problem of getting the power from the rider’s legs to the ground, other than the penny farthing bike.

And that’s all I have this morning. There will not be a late night update tonight, as I will be at open circle by Dragonlair, celebrating Imbolc, and may not get home until after midnight.

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