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Far-flung Feed today

The Feed, what there was of it that I could use, was far-flung today, and had nothing in the US or even North America. That’s how it goes sometimes.

First up is a compiled report on traffic wrecks in Scotland, where according to my elder daughter nothing is crap. Crashes leave six dead in Scotland Don’t blink or you’ll miss the bicycle wreck.

The other report is from India. Two cyclists crushed to death by Blueline, jeep There are serious accountability problems with motor vehicle/bicycle wrecks in India, well all wrecks for that matter. The wildly differing reports of what happened don’t help matters any either, and the terribly deficient infrastructure that wasn’t designed for anything faster than an ox cart don’t help much either.

That’s all I have today, I might get more later so keep an eye peeled.

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It ain’t much but it needed to be passed around

The late Feed only had one report on anything actually bicycle related, but it was such a good report even though it was kinda sad that I thought it should be spread as wide and as far as I could take it.

The story was about a Ghost Bike installation, for a man who was poor in money but rich in spirit and friends. Hundreds remember John Breaux I don’t think I knew this man, but somehow he seems familiar. I guess he’s one of those people that everyone seems to know and love, always doing something for somebody, and somehow making a living but never living too high. I suggest clicking on the link to more about the man at the bottom of the story.

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The wide wide world of the Feed

Well the Feed well represented most of the areas of the world, but was mostly in North America. It was a mixed Feed emotionally, with good things and bad things and things that are just “things”, and are either bad or good or both depending on how you look at it.

First up is a report on the waste of human skin who was a one man crime wave on the Silver Comet bike trail. Judge weighs alleged Silver Comet Trail killer’s violent history I haven’t been following this saga too closely, but this dude is bad news whatever way you slice it. It’s good he has been taken out of circulation.

Another SWSS report, this time in OK City. Bicyclist killed in NW Oklahoma City And shocking news the driver and a passenger in the van were not injured by running over a person riding a bicycle.

An infrastructure story from down the road a piece in San Angelo as they contemplate coming into the 20th century at the end of the first decade of the 21st. What’s around the bend? Sidewalks plan You see what I have to deal with in this state? San Angelo is a fairly large city with no sidewalks or any other infrastructure for anything besides cars. With a population of 88,439 as of the 2000 census, San Angelo is a medium sized city, with almost no pedestrian infrastructure and no bike infrastructure besides the streets and roads that had been built designed only for cars. That’s the way most TX cities that did most of their growing after WWII are “planned”.

It’s kinda an afterthought to the main article, but there was a bicycle/car wreck in the Cayman Islands. Man Seriously Injured in Single Vehicle Car Crash Another SWSS wreck…

A cyclist in India is killed when struck from behind. Biker killed in accident at ITO From the description of the wreck the cyclist was trying to escape the wreck but was trapped by the guardrail. Always leave yourself an escape route when riding with motor vehicle traffic if it is at all possible, but sometimes the only route through an area is like that route in the article, with guard rails or walls blocking any possible escape. The only thing you can do in these situations is to take the lane and make cars go around you, if that is legal where you ride.

Aaaannnnd that’s all folks! I have someplace to be in a bit.

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