Daily Archives: February 3, 2009

Updates and a stupid report

The late Feed had an update on a wreck in OKC over the weekend, and a wreck that was just wrong, but adding insult to injury was the stupid report on the wreck. There was another link to the same story, but by the time I started writing this post it had disappeared. Also updated is the waste of human skin that killed a cyclist in a hit-and-run has pleaded no contest to the criminal charges.

I’m of two minds on how to classify this, on the one hand it’s good news because the people will be protected from this scum for a while. On the other hand this scum did not accept responsibility for the crime and the damage she caused. Royal Oak motorist pleads no contest in death of bicyclist And again the media provides the blueprint to homicide without consequence, or as close as you can get to pleading guilty to killing someone and still getting away with it. Eighteen months to five years for killing someone and the trying to cover it up is a second crime to inflict on the victim and the victim’s family.

Another report on the SWSS story from this weekend, with more detail. Bicyclist hit, killed in Oklahoma City They call it swerving in front of the vehicle that killed him, but what it really was is a failure to pass safely. The cyclist was already in the lane riding slowly (but apparently at the top speed for that particular cyclist) and wobbled a bit, and got hit from behind. If the driver of the motor vehicle had been driving in a legal manner then the cyclist would not have been hit. Change the vehicles from minivan and cyclist to two motor vehicles of any type and charges would have been filed against the driver of the minivan.

And another report on a wreck I posted here yesterday in Columbus. Cyclist killed on Karl Road And we have yet another cyclist hit from behind while legally occupying a lane, with no charges filed. The motor vehicle, the perfect murder weapon…

And that’s it for now, more tomorrow.

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