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Helmet laws and statistics, and more bike wrecks

Well the Feed was pretty big this morning, but the signal to noise was pretty bad, resulting in something that wasn’t pretty. There is an article on motorcycle helmet laws, an article on reducing injury awards for cyclists who don’t wear helmets, a hit-and-run against a cyclist, and statistics about a hot spot for cyclists getting hit in CA.

Getting to that first, Berkley is reporting a sudden uptick last year in bike wrecks, even higher than surrounding cities and counties. More bike riders getting injured in Berkeley The uptick can’t be explained as just more riders as the increase in wrecks is higher than the increase in riders.

Helmet laws for motorcycle riders are debated in SC. Lack of helmets causes problems for all, not just bike riders Until we get some kind of nationalized health care system that pays for people injured in transportation wrecks we don’t all pay for head injuries, so that claim is bogus. The statistic that most motorcycle fatalities are with riders that don’t wear helmets is bogus, 41% of fatalities were not wearing helmets. That means 59% were wearing helmets but died anyway. By that logic we should be banning helmets because most people dieing are wearing helmets.

From Jolly Olde is another report, this time on making cyclists that are not wearing a helmet when they’re hit partially responsible for their wreck. Court judgment has major implications for cyclists By this standard anyone not wearing a helmet who falls in a bathtub is partly at fault for their injuries, as more people die from head injury while taking a bath than riding a bicycle.

And finally from the UK is a report on a hit-and-run against a cyclist. Cyclist hurt in hit-and-run Hit before, now hit again and concerned about getting the old injuries re-injured.

Well that’s all I have for you this morning, keep an eye on this place for more information later…

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Sorry I’m late today

The blog post is a bit late today because of having an appointment with the lab rat keeper. Synopsis, the meds are working, my BP is under control (112/79), but I need to keep a closer watch on my Caloric intake/usage as I gained 3 pounds since last month (222). Being late makes for a big Feed, which I was lucky and had a decent signal to noise ratio, which means I have a lot of “stuff” to tell you about.

Starting close to home for this blog, another WordPress blog! Stats on pedestrian deaths from Jolly Olde. Are cyclists a bigger threat to pedestrians than motor vehicles? Yep, you’re 263 times more likely to die from getting hit by a car than a bicycle. I track the pedestrian wrecks, and last year there were less than a half-dozen pedestrian fatalities caused by bicycles covered in the web media around the world.

More on the waste of skin that hit-and-run killed a cyclist and then tried to cover up by staging a second wreck. Prison likely in cyclist’s death in Royal Oak and No-contest plea in cyclist death As I posted before on this one I hope they throw the book at her, a Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, printed on lead foil paper with steel covers. Maybe she’ll get lead poisoning and get what she deserves that way. I don’t like this waste of skin, can you tell?

Columbus OH is not a good place to get around if you don’t have a car. Pedestrian, bicyclist killed when hit by vehicles This is another report on both these wrecks, with comments this time…

And the state of Florida does it again, but injury only this time. Cyclist injured It was another cycle that took this rider out, a motorcycle. Doing about 80. But there was a mitigating circumstance, there was a car making an illegal pass on the bicyclist in the lane where the motorcycle was at the beginning of this whole fandango.

And from Faux news comes a pile of misinformation about where bikes are supposed to be on the roads. Citrus Heights Bicyclist Killed Sure it started out like a real news report, but then the writer made it seem like the rider should have been in the crosswalk, and then went into a screed about helmets preventing wrecks (actually helmets were mentioned with lights and reflective clothing as preventing wrecks).

A judge in MT gets it half right. DUI motorist who struck cyclist gets 25 years Well that sounds good, right? Wrong, 20 years of that were suspended. If karma works he will get hit by another drunk driver while riding his bike (as part of the sentence the driver’s license is suspended). And if that wasn’t bad enough As a persistent felony offender, Salvagni could have sentenced Anderson to 100 years in prison. Instead, he gave him 25 years with the Department of Corrections with 20 years suspended. Yes, he could have sent this waste of human skin away from the rest of us for 100 years, but instead we have to start evasive action in 5 or less.

And from IL, a cyclist is hit from behind. Pekin bicylist struck by minivan, killed The comments section is un-freaking-believable as posters claim that the law was for cyclists to ride against traffic, blame the rider for being on the roads to get hit, and the usual folderol, including posters claiming to be cyclists saying for cyclists to stay off of roads.

Final report from North America is about one of the good guys on our side, a cyclist, a champion for the handicapped, and a hero (not in the classical sense of someone dying in battle). Hero on the Iowa River Three times he pulled people out of the same river! Even if he had never pulled anyone out of the river he would have been an amazing individual, but add that in and well, he just goes off the scale.

And another cyclist in paradise gets hit just riding. Cyclist Killed in Burrell Boom What is bad was the driver knew the victim and his family and was not trying to kill or injure anyone, especially one of his friends.

And in the ongoing war between bus drivers and bicyclists in India, the bus drivers claimed another victim. Cyclist crushed by bus Note to self, when riding in India have an APC following me, or maybe a tank. That would kind of negate most of the benefits of riding the bike except for the exercise, but it might keep the buses from killing me.

And that is today’s feed. if there is a late night Feed it will have to wait until morning, I’m not checking until then. Plus I’m baking bread again tomorrow, I’ll have plenty of time to read and post to the blog.

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