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I don’t feel so good

Yes the plague monkey has caught me and I work at home. I have a fever of 102.5 F, a runny nose, muscle aches, and chills, so after I get this posted I’m going back to bed. I wasn’t even able to drink my normal breakfast of 5 cups of coffee. I feel almost as bad as I did after the wreck, just in different places.

The first gem I have for you is an article by a lawyers group that says if you are in a wreck with your bike then you need a lawyer that is familiar with the laws. Bicycle Accidents Need Bicycle Lawyers While this should be self-evident, many people are represented by lawyers who are not familiar with the laws about bicycles and will accept anything that LEO tells them as Gospel, resulting in plaintiffs getting nothing when the other party was totally in the wrong.

If you ride Mavic rims you may want to take a look at this product recall. Recalls: Jackets, wheel rims, swing sets apparently there was a run of bad spokes leading to breakage, or they didn’t have enough spokes to begin with. Either way, turn in the wheel for a replacement. Before it fails and messes up your face.

An article on how to make bicycle commuting more pleasant. Riding The Green Wave I love the comments about how making bike commuting easier will make car commuting slower. DUH! That’s the entire point, make the preferred mode of commute easier and more comfortable, while making the mode of commute that damages the environment less attractive.

Another article from the UK about Ghost Bikes. Ghost riders Not much I can add to the article except read the comments section, if you dare…

An idiot in Enn Zed has the hideously bad luck to throw a bottle at a group od cyclists that included an off-duty cop, then get hauled before a judge who was an avid recreational cyclist. Bottle thrower falls foul of judge, ex-detective Ot’s sooooo good to see someone get what’s coming to him when he assaults a cyclist.

And also from Enn Zed is our final story on the guy that got hit by a pickup truck in his lane during a bicycle race. Brett Burton: An injured cyclist back on his bike I think there should have been something done to the driver that hit him, but I’m not the judge.

And that’s it. I may not be here tomorrow if I don’t feel any better than this.

Billed @$.02, Opus

Evening Feed

Well I told you there would be more later, and it’s later and there’s more. I’m not going to do a synopsis this time. I figure you’re smart enough to read down the post and know what you’re reading without my telling you. So, read down.

A further report on the rider that got hit from behind by a minivan. Victim of Fatal Bicycle Accident Identified I don’t understand why people can’t understand that bicycles are road vehicles and must be passed safely, hitting one from behind is a criminal act (or it should be).

From the UK is a report on the death of a cyclist while crossing a bridge last summer. Southampton motorist had no licence or insurance when accident killed cyclist Derek Witt Yes, another driver out there without any business being there kills another cyclist. Notice that this wreck was over 6 months old, this is the first article that mentions the charges against the driver, on the day he was found guilty. This is a result of UK media laws. You will notice that the charges against the other man in the car were not made public except in the broadest terms.

In South Africa a third cyclist training for the Pick n Pay Cycle Tour is killed by a motor vehicle. Third cyclist knocked down and killed There are so few cyclists training for this event compared to the rest of the population that having three killed in a few months is totally out of the bounds of probability.

And finally from Japan by way of Thailand is a report on what happens when nationalized medicine fails to recruit enough health care workers. Japanese man dies after 14 hospitals refuse care The issue seems to be one of finding enough people to care for Japan’s rapidly expanding population of elderly, while still having capacity to handle critical care emergencies.

And that’s all for tonight. Check in tomorrow for more, I’m pretty sure there will be lots more death and destruction come in overnight.

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