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Still sick, but working for you

Yes I still feel like I did after getting hit with the truck (the scar line where the hardware was placed and removed in my hip hurts so bad that I can hardly walk). But I dragged myself to the computer to winnow the Feed and bring you the news about bicycles.

First up is a report I’m not going to provide a link to about a 23 YO pro cyclist that died of heart failure in his sleep after riding a stage of the Tour of Qatar. This just goes to show that when it’s your time… Rest in Peace.

A wreck that was covered by multiple media outlets in Seattle creates controversy in that the police report has strong disagreements with eyewitness accounts. Bicyclist killed in Ballard crash also Bicyclist killed in accident identified and this report Bike rider killed in Ballard and finally Vigil mourns bicyclist in fatal Ballard accident The guy was a molecular neurobiologist and both a regular bicycle commuter and a racer. The idea that he was making some kind of illegal pass of a car in the left turn lane is ludicrous. Read the comments sections for more information.

A rider waxes eloquent on the dangers of riding a bicycle even in the bicycle friendly area of Boulder CO. The Fear What brought this on was the death of a local celebrity who was more than 30 feet off the road surface picking up trash. If you can’t even stand near the road without getting killed…

A SoCal weekly has an article on the waste of human skin that went on a bender and ran over a cyclist. Weber admits to drinking binge before crash that killed cyclist What can I say? He was so drunk he can’t even remember being on the road that day, much less hitting the cyclist he’s accused of killing.

And a sad time for cyclists, Bob Mionske is quitting his column in VeloNews. Legally Speaking with Bob Mionske – Good night and good luck Good luck in the future to you, Bob. We will miss you.

And that’s all for today, I’m going back to bed.

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