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The wide wonderful world of the Feed

The Feed was wild and varied, in both topic and geography. Geographically we cover the typical North America – UK beat of this blog. Topics cover the usual driver conditions and direction of travel, plus other discussions of where bicycles belong and who the roads were made for.

Opening up the discussion is an article on why traffic deaths are declining but DUI fatalities are remaining the same. Crash deaths down; DUI fatalities level Something not mentioned in either the article, nor in any of the comments, is that the overall decline was technology driven on the enforcement side with the red light and radar cameras. The problem with DUI is you have to have someone observe the operation of the car which takes “boots on the ground” to borrow current military jargon, and even before the economic downturn cities were having a hard time putting officers on the roads. I don’t know what the solution is, but I know that the best solution would be to put more eyes on the roads. Now if that means cameras with human operators directing officers to the scene instead of more officers I can live with that.

A 13YO hit and dragged 100 feet by an SUV in Vancouver WA is showing signs of improvement. 13-year-old cyclist hit by car improving Still no word on criminal charges for the driver that hit him, but I’m glad it looks like the kid will recover somewhat. Also no word on if he has suffered permanent brain injury.

Either this happens a lot in Pekin IL, or we have a latecomer reporting on the rider hit from behind by a drunk driver. 2 killed in accidents Sunday There were so many wrecks I can’t keep the names straight, even if I could keep people’s names straight, but the circumstances are similar to other reports on the Pekin wreck so I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is a late report.

And a cyclist dies after being hit with a car in Salt Lake. Bicyclist struck by car dies You aren’t even safe when you ride on the sidewalk, as soon as you use the crosswalk you’re a target, according to some of the commenters on the article who just flat don’t like cyclists anywhere.

A letter to the editor about bad drivers in MO. TRIB TALK Yep, right up there at the top of the list.

In recall notices there is a MTB fork being recalled that could lock itself in the compressed position causing a loss of control when the bike doesn’t have the front tire in contact with the ground. Recalls: golfer’s billiard games, camp stoves I know it sounds amusing now, but having the fork lock in the compressed condition when you’re not expecting it can cause a loss of control.

And our final report from the UK has a driver paying a heavy fine for hitting a cyclist and causing injury. £250 fine for driver who injured rider Sure the 2 wheeler was a motorcycle rather than a bicycle, but still you screwed up and almost got someone killed and all you have to pay is $359.45 as of the current rate of exchange?

And that’s all I have for this morning’s Feed, kep this in your Favorites or Bookmarks and check back often for more.

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Feeling better, and the Feed

Well I’m starting to feel a bit better, but still not close to 100%. Still have the runny nose, cough, stopped up ears (and they itch inside) and a hard time getting enough fluids inside to keep my kidneys happy. But anyway, on with the Feed

From this report we only get one side of the story, but it sure makes the cyclist sound stupid. Suspect tries to attack officer There is so little actual reporting in this report that aside from the police statements I’m not even sure there’s a story. From that I mean I’m not sure this is really what happened, as if the man really used a needle to attack a LEO them that would be assault with a deadly, and the reaction in the report was much lower than that would seem to call for. Maybe I’m just overly paranoid, but something doesn’t pass the smell test here.

And once again proving that you should read the sidebars every time you open up a news link, in SC they are revamping their DUI laws and tightening them up a bit. New DUI bill hits home in Low Country Apparently there are stiffer penalties against DUI now, but what those penalties are is not spelled out in the article.

From down the road in Austin, another hit-and-run against another cyclist has an unexpected result, an arrest warrant. Man accused of injuring cyclist in hit-and-run, police say This was either a right hook or a left cross, the cyclist was dragged for a while, and then the driver ran a stop sign and attempted to escape. He wrecked his car and was arrested. How unusual, for TX.

From a MA newspaper comes an article on the rules of the roads for bicycles. Column: The Muddy Rider Pay attention if you live up there in what was formerly known as Taxacheusets.

Another report on the Ballard crash in Seattle.. Family, friends remember cyclist who died Again the question is raised in comments on the huge discrepancy in the position of the van between published eyewitnesses and the report from SPD.

An update of a report from Jolly Olde, but still nothing on the actual wreck. OAP crash cyclist moved to DRI I hope he recovers.

Another typical UK report on a wreck with injury. Cyclist injured in collision

And to finish up is a scathing report on the Velib system in Paris. Paris self-service bicycles are vandalised, stolen and sold The author seems surprised that items like bicycles would be stolen.

And that’s the Feed for today. There may be more later tonight.

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