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A quiet Feed this morning

Well, the Feed was large this morning, but still mostly about motorcycles. We did end up with 2 bicycle stories, one that was in my state and the other in NYC. I think they are pretty interesting, but after reading about 2 dozen consecutive stories about fatalities on motorcycles my judgment might be a little skewed.

Up first is that report on the wreck in my state, with another SWSS. Cyclist injured after turning in front of SUV If, like the report said, the cyclist was drunk then the lesson is simple: Don’t drink and ride. However there was template wording for a SWSS/SWCC wreck, “The man was traveling southbound around noon Wednesday when he attempted to cross the road in front of the Aztek, Purvis said.” I think the cyclist may have had a couple, but I also think he was hit from behind by an inattentive driver. But it’s very unlikely that there will ever be anything done to the driver.

The other story is about bike sharing programs with questions about the perfect program for NYC. Bike-share program effective in many major cities, needs to be implemented in Manhattan I think NYC and specifically Manhattan is an ideal place to have a bike share program as there are only a few ways in or out and sensors could be installed at access points to detect people trying to take bikes out of the service area.

And that is it for the morning Feed

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A Witch on a bicycle classic returns, the Late Feed

Yes, I’m feeling better, enough to feel like reading the Feed in the evening and creating another blog post about it. We had 2 reports from the Emerald Isle, one about the Velib system in Paris, and the other is a breakdown of the modes of traffic wrecks involving bicycles.

The first up is another re-hash of the Velib story from earlier. A green dream dies as 7,800 eco bicycles vanish in Paris Yes I’m sure the loss of a few hundred bicycles from a bike rental system is a total shattering of the bike sharing dream. Sometimes I feel like some members of the media hate anything that even has a whiff of making a profit from saving the environment.

And the other report mirrors a report on 2007 statistics in London on how cyclists die in traffic. Almost 75% of cyclists killed in Dublin were hit by HGVs turning left Remember that they ride on the opposite side of the street in Ireland and the UK, so think right turning trucks for their left turn, and left turning trucks for their right.

I have been listening to the Kim West Radio Show, which is fun. Google it and listen to the podcast.

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