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Things are weird, what else is new?

I hate slow news days, that’s when the really weird stuff gets published, and all the cracked pots get shown. I mean everybody can have a bad day once in a while yours truly included, being sick wasn’t conducive to epic prose about the links being presented. But some of the “stuff” I saw on the intertubes this morning read like it was translated by a person for whom both English and the original language of the article were second languages, and he didn’t have a firm grasp of grammar in either one. You won’t get to read any of those articles here, mainly because I couldn’t figure out what they were about, other than the use of the word “bicycle” in the article several times. 🙂

First up and close to home both geographically and emotionally is a bill I discussed with my state rep at length last year, but which he didn’t introduce or sign on to as a co-sponsor. Move It! Bill protects ‘vulnerable’ road users This bill is similar to the OR law that protects their non-car roads users. Unfortunately it only protects reactively by criminalizing after the fact, rather than actually preventing people from using their motor vehicles as weapons. I could see a few tweaks that would help it, like using the AZ clause that makes hitting a cyclist or other vulnerable user prima facie evidence that the driver failed to pass with care and violated the three foot rule. I like the section that makes hitting a vulnerable user and causing injury a $500 fine, since the majority of wrecks between vulnerable users and motor vehicles end up with the vulnerable user in the hospital. The comments section was hilarious, as you would think that the bill would require motor vehicle operators to get out of their cars and ask permission to pass a vulnerable user instead of just criminalizing mowing them down.

A report from Oz on the lack of give and take on the part of some motorists in their country. Busy streets are a war zone for motorists and cyclists War zone, with one side unarmed and the other riding around in tanks… Some war. The wonder is the carnage isn’t any greater with attitudes like those displayed in the article.

And from the Beebe arrests have been made in a hit-and-run against a pre-teen cyclist. Arrests after boy cyclist injured I think that the wreck was in Ireland somewhere (“County Durham”) but aside from that the article is even more sparse of information than usual for a UK report.

And that’s it for this morning.

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