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Still wading through “stuff” for you, the morning Feed

Yes, the Feed had about the usual amount of signal to noise this morning, with the usual “stuff” in the “noise” category, including a man getting killed by riding his motorcycle under a school bus full of kids. The pictures on that article were ghastly, as I don’t think the motorcycle rider did much in the way of ducking before hitting the bus…

First up is another SoCal man hit from behind in the bicycle lane. Bicyclist Struck By Pickup Truck, Injured This is the second area man hit from behind in the bike lane this year, and yet LEO still won’t arrest and charge these homicidal maniacs and prevent more carnage. I don’t see what the difficulty is, there is a clearly defined lane in which motor vehicles are not permitted, and in which bicycles are required to ride. When bicyclists are struck with motor vehicles in the bike lane then it is an offense that requires jail for the motor vehicle operator.

In FL they almost got another one, this time with a semi. Big rig hits, injures cyclist on ISB I know that semis can hit and run over even quite large things without any knowledge on the driver’s part. I have had friends in the industry as well as doing some driving myself, so I’m not blaming the driver. Well besides the fact that the trucks have blind spots that could hide an entire peloton, which is a design defect that I still haven’t reconciled myself to. Write your Congresscritter about that one, as it kills motor vehicle operators as well as us on bicycles.

And in this bulletin from the land of cheese (WI) is a report of a hit-and-run. BIKE HIT-AND-RUN Not much information in this report, too little time had elapsed between the wreck and the report, news had not been actually gathered yet.

From Jolly Olde is an update on that kid that was hit-and-run. Injured cyclist: man quizzed Y’all know my opinions of hit-and-run drivers, ones that hit kids are even lower in my eyes.

And that’s the news for this morning.

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