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I’m in a hurry, the morning Feed

Sorry if this is a bit rushed feeling, but today is my 31st wedding anniversary and I have to get the fixings for dinner then make dinner (Spam and potatoes with onions and bell peppers, but any dinner that my wife doesn’t have to fix makes her happy).

First up is a report on the aftermath of a wreck in Boulder CO. Boulder cyclist dies from January accident And the driver kills a person and the police decide that hitting a cyclist from behind is the cyclist’s fault, unlike every time that happens to motor vehicles where it is the vehicle that hits from behind at fault unless the lead vehicle did a “swoop and squat” and cuts the trailing vehicle off. This is nearly a physical impossibility for a bicycle so I normally don’t take that as a possible wreck modality, so why does the driver get a free pass for hitting a cyclist from behind?

In a related story, Boulder has seen a spike in bike/ped deaths from motor vehicle crashes. Boulder sees spike in car vs. bike/pedestrian collisions Hey BPD you think maybe it’s because there are no consequences for killing a cyclist or pedestrian? Seriously the only prosecutions against drivers that killed cyclists or pedestrians have been when the drivers were impaired and caught soon enough after the wreck to still have the drugs or alcohol in their systems. Otherwise the blame was somehow shifted to the victim and the driver was at most given a ticket, usually not even that.

Another hit-and-run against a cyclist in LA CA leaves the PD in a quandry. Santa Monica police seek driver who injured bicyclist Red SUV, blue sedan, slanty eyed headlights, this isn’t a crime report it’s a side story from the Matrix. Well if you know something useful about the wreck you know who to call.

And a final report on a wreck that was so unusual that even though it didn’t involve bicycles in any way I had to include it. A guy on a motorcycle was injured when he was struck by an out of control washing machine! Motorcyclist injured by a washing machine I kid you not. I dare you to click the link, double dog dare you.

And that’s all I have from the morning Feed, I’ll get back to the computer after I finish dinner and see if there is more later.

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The afternoon Feed strikes again

Well I got back home from shopping and there was another Feed slopping over my Inbox, so after a bit of filtering I present it to you.

Starting things off is a birthday, the 191st anniversary of the invention of the ancestor of the bicycle, the Hobby Horse. Feb. 17, 1818: Proto-Bicycle Gets Things Rolling That was what started the whole mess rolling, but it wasn’t until the car was invented back in 1888 that riding bicycles started to become really dangerous.

And a report on the situation where the 14 YO girl was killed by a driver while trying to cross a major arterial at an uncontrolled intersection, there are questions about the infrastructure contributing to the wreck. 14 year-old cyclist killed. Will safety improvements follow? The crime here is a major arterial street that transects a residential area with no facilities for pedestrians or bicycles, and the LEO are trying to blame the cyclist for wearing dark clothing during the day, not even after sunset. The driver was driving too fast for conditions and nobody seems to care.

Updated reports on that rider hit in Wales. Police appeal after cyclist killed in Caerphilly accident and Police appeal after cyclist killed in Caerphilly accident There are different pictures in the different reports, but because of UK media laws, the legally required reports end up almost word for word alike despite having been written by two different reporters from 2 different papers.

And the final report is from Bahrain, on the Arabian Peninsula. Cyclist’s body to be repatriated Not much on the actual wreck, mostly the problems of finding the victim’s sponsor for entry and passport so the body can be sent to the proper home town for burial.

And that’s it for the afternoon Feed. Keep an ocular peeled in this direction for further updates as I get them. [cue sounds of telegraph and teletype followed by modem beeps and buzzes]

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