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A huge Feed but not much to show for it

The Feed was huge this morning, and most of the stories were bicycle related, but almost none made this blog. Why? Well, about half were about the Tour of California, and there are blogs that are dedicated to that kind of stuff which makes me including articles about the ToC redundant. There was also an article about a 50 something woman who is still riding BMX competitively, but in age group competition now. This is not that kind of blog either, but if you want to Google the article it’s pretty interesting.

What I do have is a motor vehicle failing to pass a cyclist safely resulting in the cyclist getting side swiped and also blamed for the wreck. Osceola teen bicyclist injured in Ash Road crash Some things just don’t make any sense. Why does the victim’s vehicle being a bicycle suddenly change all the laws regarding safe passing?

And in some nifty infrastructure news, a bike/ped/wheelchair accessible crossing bridge has been placed over an Interstate highway that was basically a wall between two neighborhoods. Classy new crossing Shopping, recreation and jobs on one side of the wall are now connected to residential development on the other side. “And there was great rejoicing!”

Well that’s it. If you still want your ToC news there is always Velonews for live coverage Velonews Interactive or Fat Cyclist Fat Cyclist, Heavyweight Horsepower Drop a few bucks into Fatty’s PayPal for his Livestrong Team Fatty.

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Done shopping, and the afternoon Feed

Well I now have most of the parts for the new headlight, so my nocturnal rides will be a bit safer than before with the Planet Bike Spok headlight. Don’t get me wrong the Spok is great as a seen by light and an emergency light when your road bike gets caught out after sundown, but it was never intended as primary illumination for daily use. The new light has a “seen by” low beam setting that is almost as bright as the Spok using a 4 LED cluster, and a 52 Lumen 10 degree spot beam as the see by light. The only thing that the new light doesn’t do that the Spok does is blink. Blinking circuits are a bit outside my budget. I also picked up a can of Spam Lite for the dinner I’m making for my wife for tonight.

Up first and close to home is a report on a driver that was prosecuted and convicted of killing a cyclist in TX. Man who struck, killed Hays Co. cyclist convicted of reckless driving The penalty was wholly inappropriate to the crime, but the fact that there was any penalty at all is a step in the right direction.

The friends of a cyclist killed picking up garbage from the side of the road contemplate a memorial suitable for his humble greatness. Breaux memorial to be determined by committee The outpouring of love for this guy is just astounding to me.

And that’s it for the afternoon Feed

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