Daily Archives: February 23, 2009

Wow, another Feed

Well I was a little late getting started because of watching stuff on tape delay, but I filtered the Feed and after wading through the “stuff”, here we are. (Phew!, I need to hose off!)

Up first is a report from the UK about a wreck. Cyclist goes from serious to critical For a UK story it gives a lot of information. The back story provided is helpful in understanding the situation. There is a huge philosophical difference in the UK political situation towards bicycles and the TX political situation, if you know my experiences (read the About Opus page).

And in an outrageous display of bias in spite of all of the last 4 victims of vehicle on bicycle violence the cyclists were obeying the laws and the motor vehicles were breaking it, the editorial staff (or whoever is pulling their strings) insists on blaming the cyclists for breaking laws. Warning to riders training for cycle tour Three of the 4 cyclists killed or injured were riding in the “Yellow Lane”, a designated cycling area, and one was hit by a unlicensed driver (no mention of where the cyclist was riding when hit). So why constant harping on cyclists that break the law? They’re not the ones getting killed.

And that’s it. After all that “stuff” this was all I could link to for you. I hope it was enlightening.

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