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The Morning Feed 02/24

Yes I’m running out of headlines, you try writing as many as 3 posts in a day and coming up with witty and informative headlines for each and every one. This is a literal one man operation on the content side, just me and the cats and the cats can’t type. Add in Google Alerts providing the Feed and a couple of subscriptions to online newspapers in hotspots for bike/car wrecks and you have the entire data gathering side of the operation as well, which I still have to read and filter out the noise. Apologies to Erik Ryberg on subscribing to the e-edition of the Tucson Citizen, but you live in a hot spot, but as a bicycle lawyer you already know that, don’t you.

First up is something funny. The last couple of days here at WoaB have been depressing with cyclists getting killed doing what the law requires and then followup articles in the same media harping about the scofflaw cyclists running rampant when drivers breaking the laws killed cyclists. This is a bit of antidote to that depressing news. Bikemakers Aim to Give an Outdoor Flavor to an Indoor Workout Indoor bikes that provide real road feel and require leaning into turns, and make you sweat bullets. All that’s missing is the cars’ exhaust and their threat of collisions. If you are just into bicycles for the exercise this would be perfect, but if you ride to actually do something useful like get somewhere, well it’s fun and there are no cars to hit you, and you never get lost…

Another hit-and-run in Austin, just 217 miles down the roads from me (259 by bicycle). Allegedly intoxicated man strikes bicyclist, drives off Umm correct me if I’m mistaken, but isn’t that more commonly known as hit-and-run? Or Intoxication Assault? Actually by my knowledge of the laws there are at least 3 charges that can be brought just from the information given in the article. I’ll have to contact my LEO son-in-law to see if there should be more.

From Jolly Olde a not-so-jolly story about an 88 YO driver hitting a cyclist. Cyclist injured in crash Some of the comments seem to indicate a belief that the driver may be at fault in this case, and one that questioned the level of thoroughness displayed by LEO in shutting down the road for four hours. Hey, I would love that kind of thoroughness in investigating crimes against cyclists in TX… here we are lucky to get a police report even though it is required by law if there is an injury requiring transport to a medical facility. An accurate report is even more rare. But that is a rant for a different post.

Finally is a report on how NYC could not run without bicycle messengers. NYC Fashion Week, like many other things, impossible without bike messengers I like seeing articles that recognize the contributions to daily life made by bicycles.

And that’s it for this Feed, you know I will be looking for more later.

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The Late Feed, again

I guess I don’t get to sleep, this mess showed up in my inbox tonight, plus a whole bunch of noise. Signal to noise was about the same as usual, pretty poor, less than 0.5, actually I think the ratio was more like 0.2. I would have to go back and count articles and do actual math to make sure.

Up first is another dead cyclist over the weekend in FL. I have lost count of the number of dead, but I think they are still ahead of pace for 52 dead cyclists this year. 74-year-old Jacksonville bike rider dies following accident Not the usual way of describing a SWSS, but the same effect. How does one fail to yield right of way unless you are either riding against traffic or running a red light or stop sign? And neither were mentioned in the article. Since this is 3 days after the wreck had something like running a stop sign or riding the wrong way had happened then it would have been mentioned in the article, but it wasn’t, only the enigmatic “failed to yield”. So what we have is either a SWSS or SWCC, or possibly a hit from behind situation. I hate articles that give partial information, even when all information given is true it commits lies by omission, planting a false impression by only giving half-truths. as a “ferinstance” with this article, when a person is run over from behind the proximal cause is failing to yield to the vehicle that hit him or her, regardless of who had actual right of way. I’m not saying that is what happened here, but I’m also not saying it isn’t what happened in this article, either. And no, I’m not going all “Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist” on you, I’m just responding to the lack of information and the multiple ways the information provided could be interpreted. And that’s a lot of words to say that there’s something not right in the state of FL.

Another report from the wilds of FL is this nugget. Bicyclist killed crossing Main Street in Dunedin The driver and passenger of the 2008 Cadillac Escalade were not injured. How unexpected, that the occupants of a 2 1/2 ton pimp truck were not injured when they ran into a single human being on foot pushing a bicycle. I still want to know more about all these cyclists getting killed in FL.

In this wreck witnesses at the scene reported the cyclist ran a red light, noted in the comments section. Bicyclist Killed In Accident In this case the comments section was golden. Because of that I can tell you to control your speed, and stop at red lights. But if you read this blog I don’t think I have to tell you about stopping at red lights and watching your speed. And helmets, the cyclist died from massive head trauma. If he had been wearing a helmet his family might have been able to have an open casket funeral.

Another SWSS wreck in the Feed, this one in CA. ESCONDIDO: More details, no ID in fatal bicycle crash I don’t know how many witnesses the coroner was relying on in his report, the cyclist may have actually been trying to kill himself, or it may just be another SWSS.

Closer to home is a suggestion on how to make the MS 150 better for Houston are cyclists, not so much for the Austin area cyclists that get dropped off in Houston and end up near their homes at the end of the ride. A suggestion for MS150 alternate route Having ridden in that area before, with a predominantly south wind from the Gulf during the time for the ride, doing a loop that bends back south on the second day strikes me as an exercise in pain, and I don’t do exercise, even on a 150 mile ride. Besides some of the best scenery is in the area of the second day of the ride, after the wall in LaGrange. For those of you too young to remember “La Grange” was the name of a ZZ Top song from the 70s, and the setting for the movie “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and both were about the same thing.

Another UK story, with a typical UK level of detail. Cyclist who died in crash is named The guy died on the 15th but the news wasn’t released until the 23rd, wow that’s slow even by UK standards. And for my UK readers, I’m sorry but your media laws really get my goat, and I don’t even have a goat to be gotten.

From the land of Oz comes this report. Nudgee Rd reopened after cyclist dies in collision with truck Their street and road names are as quaint and poetic as ours in the US.

And that’s the Feed for this late night which is now early morning.

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