Two lines before “I feel happy”

And with that cryptic headline let’s look at the Feed.

More on that drunk driver that hit-and-run against a cyclist in Austin. Driver accused of hitting cyclist, DWI in Southeast Austin Yes the driver got out of the car and pulled the wrecked bicycle from under his car and told the cyclist not to call police. That is Intoxication Assault and assault with a deadly. He knew what he was doing was wrong, did it anyway, and then threatened his victim to not tell police. What more can I say? This guy, when drunk, is eeevillll and needs to be put away for a while, and also prohibited from consuming alcohol after he gets out. I guess I could have sub-titled this paragraph “Meet Mr. Hyde“.

And a story that disturbs me because of the proximity of he wreck to my parents’ house and where I used to live in the same town. Cyclist Hit By Car, Left For Dead My parents’ house is less than a half mile from the wreck, and my old house is about 4 miles from the scene of the wreck. And why does the media insist on harping about helmets when that was one of the few places that wasn’t injured on this poor man? He has a broken spine not a broken skull, plus other injuries. And he was wearing reflective clothing and a bright orange hat when hit.

From Jolly Olde is another report that a cyclist was hit, this time there are no facts given because LEOs have no clues, literally. Cyclist seriously injured in crash OK so they know the makes, models, and colors of he involved vehicles, that still doesn’t mean they have a clue about what happened. If you can help please do so.

Another UK report from the Beeb brings us the sad news that a cyclist has died. Crash cyclist dies in hospital It’s always sad when someone dies from a bicycle wreck, but to have the media state that the person that killed you was uninjured while killing you is just piling it on, don’t you think?

From India is a report on a hit-and-run by a city bus against a cyclist.2 killed in separate mishaps I don’t know what the deal is in India, but they seem to have a problem with their bus drivers killing other roads users.

And that’s the whole bloody mess for this morning.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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