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Here and there, mostly there

OK I have gotten lots of e-mails (if one is lots) asking what the heck I meant with the last headline (Two lines before “I feel happy”), and the Jeopardy answer is “What is ‘I’m not dead yet'”. And where does this come from? The movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Funny movie, I took my wife to see it on our 3rd date before we got married. I thnk it had something to do with her marrying me.

First up is a report on reinforced e-assist bicycles for obese people to get exercise and transportation. US company produces e-bikes for obese Now if you’re not obese you can still use the extra carrying capacity of these bikes for cargo, so don’t think these are just for fatties. Us non-obese people can use them for grocery shopping, commuting when large loads need to be carried, and other transportation uses that require moving weight around.

The cyclist that ran the red light in Little Rock and hit cars and died has been identified. Update: Police Identify Cyclist Killed in LR Once again, watch your speed and don’t blow through red lights,even if they don’t work for bicycles. If a red light won’t change for a bicycle federal law allows treating the defective light as a stop sign after 2 minutes without changing. Be sure to use a watch to document that you stopped, checked the time and waited for 2 minutes before proceeding.

A student on the USF campus is sideswiped by a truck that crossed the centerline. Bicyclist Struck By Pickup On USF Campus The charges seem a little, well, light. I mean how far over the line did he cross to hit the cyclist? At some point the act of crossing the line to hit a cyclist becomes assault with a deadly weapon if not attempted murder or terrorism. Unfortunately I don’t know what the limit is or should be. Obviously going into the shoulder under control is assault, but what about cyclists taking the lane? I don’t know…

A driver leaving a fast food establishment almost takes out a cyclist and leaves. Hit-and-run in Jasper injures cyclist Hit-and-run in Jasper injures cyclist The cyclist was very lucky in this case, as he could have been center-punched or T-boned by the driver. And as always if you have any personal knowledge of the wreck contact local LEO at the contact number in the article.

Another UK report on a cyclist sideswiped by a motor vehicle. Police appeal after Newport cyclist seriously injured

Also from Jolly Olde is a report on soldiers cycling to a fallen comrade’s gravesite to raise money for his memorial. Comrades cycle to soldier’s grave Good cause, I’m all for supporting veterans, I’m one myself. I was in the era between Vietnam and the Gulf War I (Desert Storm), where combat was a dirty limited thing, and never publicized. Don’t worry about me, I’ll deal with it.

And finally is a report on new laws in Vietnam for e-assist bikes and small motorcycles. Electric bikes riders to wear helmets under law Interesting that e-assist bikers are being required to wear helmets as a means of discouraging e-assist use… What does that mean for requiring non-assisted cyclists to wear helmets?

And that’s the Feed for today. A note to my readers, I have gotten a part-time job recently and will be cutting back on the number of updates to no more than one a day as my job will cut into the monitoring of the Feed.

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