Finally a Feed

I was beginning to think I wouldn’t get a Feed today, when I went to dinner there still wasn’t anything usable. But eventually the news caught up with me and lay stinking in my Inbox.

Up first is an update on an earlier wreck near Chicago. Cyclist Dies Days After Accident In Suburb From the description it looks like the LEO are blaming the driver of the motor vehicle that struck the cyclist. Beyond that I don’t know what happened so I can’t help you avoid the same fate.

A calendar of events has a fund raiser for injured cyclists, last item on the list. Sidelines: Strongest man competition set Until Obama can get some kind of national health car system set up this will have to become more common, as there are many wrecks where the responsible party can’t be found to pay for the damages, and the cyclist lacks the resources to pay for the repairs and recovery.

A fireman and cyclist (same person) was injured while riding down a hill with traffic in the UK. Firefighter injured in accident in Devizes The fact that they mentioned the cyclist was hit from behind gives me enough to let you know how to avoid this kind of wreck. First be aware of where you will go to escape, and second keep an eye on your six. Remember the visualization of being a fighter pilot completely out of bullets and missiles behind enemy lines and not having full engine power. You are helpless if seen by the enemy, unless you can see them first and avoid them. By using this visualization you can enhance your situational awareness and avoid becoming a hood ornament, in this particular situation where you are on a limited access road you need to be looking almost as much behind you as in front, to prevent being caught without an escape route from getting hit from behind.

Finally a report on the funeral of a cyclist hit in Wales several days ago. Tributes paid at funeral of cyclist Kate Auchterlonie I have been following this in my blog since the day after it happened, and I still don’t know what or how, but I do know it was senseless.

And that’s the whole stinking mess.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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