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March is coming in

Now whether you call it coming in like a lamb or a lion is subjective, Weather wise here in TX it has had some lion-ish characteristics, if freezing your assets off can be considered lion-ish, with lots of wind. It’s not the same as the tiny tornado that went through my back yard a couple of weeks ago, but it has been pretty breezy. The Feed for the last couple of days has been lamb-ish, which I hope doesn’t turn into lion-ish in the last part of the month

Up first is our only US report on a man killed by “the short bus”.. Cyclist, 78, struck by school bus in Sparta, has died I don’t understand why a school bus driver left the scene, very seldom is the driver of a school bus found guilty when hitting a cyclist. The only thing I can think of is that the person driving the bus was not an authorized driver.

From what was given in the article I think this was a door prize in the UK. Cyclist injured in city “Door prizes” are hard to avoid (that’s when a door is opened into the cyclist’s path causing the cyclist to strike the door). The best way to avoid winning the door prize is to not ride in the door zone, but there are bike lanes that are located entirely in the door zone with laws requiring riders to use bike lanes. In those cases you have to look through the rear windshield to see if there is someone in the car and see if they look like they’re going to open the door in front of you and be ready to hit the brakes. You won’t be able to avoid getting a door prize, but you can mitigate the severity.

In India another bus hits a bicycle. Bus hits bike riders, one dies Buses and bicycles just don’t mix in India, usually to the detriment of the cyclist.

Usually, but not always. Bus falls in ditch, 21 injured So even where the bus driver tries to avoid hitting cyclists people still end up getting killed.

And that’s the mess for today. I might do another post later if I get more in, but I don’t suggest holding you breath unless you’re reading this on the 4th.

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