Daily Archives: March 3, 2009

A “disturbing” Feed

Yes it was disturbing reading the Feed this afternoon, especially reading the comments sections which showed that some articles evolved as the comments came in, because there were several comments about something that wasn’t in the current version of the article.

First up and closest to home is a report from near the Bryan/College Station area. Bike Rider Killed in Burleson County This was one of those “evolved” stories I told you about, as there are comments about a pedestrian riding a bicycle, and also several questions about the identity of the cyclist. As the report reads as of this posting this is a SWSS story, and we all know what really happens in a SWSS story.

A “feel good” story from AZ. Turning Point turns at-risk youth into bikers Well I would have put “cyclists” in the headline instead of “bikers”, but it’s still a good story, poor kids getting the chance to do good, and do well. (see I do know how to use the words). I hope this translates to something good for them on down the road.

A wreck report from the UK with details, after the perpetrator enters prison. Injured cyclist ‘lucky to be alive’ after ordeal This is what drives me batty about the UK media laws, this wreck was almost a year ago, and we are just now being told that the driver was on horse tranquilizers while driving up on the kerbs (as they spelled it) and hitting 2 cyclists, who lived because they bounced to the left instead of under the van’s wheels. As to how to not be in wrecks like this, it’s really hard. In this case the driver was in most of the outside lane and also going a bit over the edge and off the road. There was nowhere to ride that would have been legal to ride and safe from this cretin. A recumbent with a sturdy seat and headrest, like a car, might have helped. Or the action the victims took in this case, bailing off the bikes and as far over as they could get. They didn’t make it, but they got far enough over to keep their injuries to less than lethal, and non-crippling. Sometimes that’s the best you can do regardless.

A more typical UK report is this one. Cyclist seriously injured in Fenstanton collision You see, this is what UK media laws give you. A population who are for the most part ignorant of what goes on, because nothing can be reported except the participants’ names and sometimes not even that, until the case has been finally adjudicated. And by then, who cares, unless it involves some kind of celebrity.

And that’s the whole sordid thing 😉

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