Left ’til late, a massive Feed

We have the end result of a couple of hit-and-runs tonight, and one of them is really disgusting. I don’t mean that the wreck was disgusting, all hit-and-runs are disgusting. I mean that the sentence handed down was disgusting. The other wasn’t too bad. The rest of the Feed wasn’t too bad, considering that people died or were injured to get in it.

Up first is a story on a man that hit-and-run a cyclist way back in November of 2007. Driver admits he hit cyclist, left scene and Driver admits he hit cyclist, left scene This was the “good” one, the driver got the maximum sentence with 5 years suspended. For those not up on what that means, he has to do 15 years less any good time he earns, then for the next 5 years he has to walk a very fine line or he gets to go back and do the entire 20 year sentence, with all his good time wiped out plus the extra five years that had been suspended.

The bad story, from a cyclist’s perspective (or any decent human being’s perspective) is the driver that hit-and-run a cyclist back in September of last year, then staged a second wreck to cover up the damage from the first wreck where she killed a woman. Driver in hit-and-run of bicyclist to serve 21 months in jail and Driver gets 21 months in bicyclist’s death in Royal Oak The sentence was way too lenient, but it was the stiffest the judge could give because of the plea agreement. The plea bargain was for only 18 months, and the law only allowed the judge to increase the sentence to 21 months.

They found that bus driver that hit and killed a cyclist in NJ Police find bus driver sought in NJ cyclist death and Cops talking to bus driver about fatal hit-and-run I can’t understand why they are treating this guy with kid gloves, he killed someone and left the scene with the guy dieing in the street.

A report from OR on two separate crashes. Cyclist injured in crash dies, other in critical condition The one wreck has been changed from a SWSS to a SWCC, as the cyclist was now supposedly crossing the road instead of riding along it. I don’t know if this was from the cyclist or the driver changing his or her story.

The first of our UK reports has a cyclist rushed to hospital after a bad wreck. Cyclist rushed to hospital after accident “This was a bit of a rush job in the report, and UK media laws are not affecting this report.

This report was mostly to explain the backups on roads in the area. Cyclist and motorist injured in Huntingdon and A14 tailbacks This report was affected by UK media laws.

A cyclist is calling for a bike lane where he was hurt and a mother killed in separate wrecks in Jolly Olde. Cyclist calls for cycle lanes I wish I could call for a bike lane where I was almost killed, but around here officials are loathe to do anything that might slow down the car traffic even when slowing down might make the traffic flow better and more cars get through…

And our final report from Jolly Olde is a report on a cyclist that was passing a bus and fell under it instead where the driver could not see her. Student cyclist died after falling under wheels of a bus This wreck happened in October of last year, and even when nobody alive was at fault it still takes this long to make a report.

Our final report is from Oz, and concerns a man trap set on a bicycle trail. Police ire over bike track wire Man traps set on bicycle trails irk me, and not just because someone might get killed. This is a level of hate so great that the person would kill, and the people he hates are my fellow cyclists. This just makes me so steamed…

And finally that’s it, finito.

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