To make up for yesterday I’m early

Yes I still feel bad about making y’all wait so long yesterday to get a post, so today first thing out of bed I fired up the computer and began sorting the Feed. We have the usual stuff plus a report on a bike/bus interaction that the rider lived through,

First up though is a bike report. I don’t own one of these bikes, but it bears a strong resemblance to the bike I ride as seen in the banner graphic at the top of the blog page. Stylyx: The bottom and back friendly bicycle The major differences between the bike I ride and the one in the article is the Stylyx has an oversized downtube with no top tube to give a step through frame (easier to get on and off, but slightly weaker) and the Stylyx has a 5 speed internally geared hub, and the bike I ride has and 8 speed rear cassette with a double crank for a total of 16 gears, and was originally sold with a triple crank (which was long gone when I got the frame) that would give 24 gears and a much wider span of gears. I have never managed to run out of gears on the tall side, but there are a few times when I wished I had a little lower gears climbing the short steep hills that sneak up on you when riding around the DFW area. The other non-major but still important difference is in the seat, the seat on the Stylyx looks to me like death to my tailbone. It might not be but since there is very little chance I will ever get a chance to ride one I have no idea what it would really feel like other than by visual impressions, that seat goes up where I need a depression,

And another AZ police department makes another stupid statement following a bike wreck. Peoria police issue bike safety reminder The first thing on the police list of how to avoid a wreck is to wear a helmet. How is that supposed to prevent wrecks? “Gee that cyclist is wearing a helmet, I had better hit somebody else.” Or. “That cyclist is wearing a helmet, so I should be more careful around him/her.” I mean I wear a helmet every time I ride a bike, a full face DH MTB helmet at that, and I have never seen any situation where a helmet prevented a wreck. I just wish LEO would display some sense once in a while. BTW to keep yourself from the same kind of wreck ride in the road, not on and off the sidewalk, be predictable so that drivers will know where you are.

From our nation’s capitol (and lately capital) comes the story of a near-miss between a bus and a cyclist and what happened after. Bus driver assaults cyclist, MPD uninterested I can understand the cyclist’s anger, I get similar from drivers every time I ride outside the few miles around my neighborhood, but the LEO reaction is just, what? “OK so you almost got killed, but you didn’t, so what do you want me to do about it?”

And finally another conservative (when does being a conservative require that you hate bicycles?) drags out the tired old saw about bicyclists need to be licensed need to get insured, blah, blah, blah. Regional emphasis on road sharing raises need for licensing and regulation of bicycles and riders I shouldn’t say bad things about a fellow employee, but this guy just doesn’t have his facts straight. He is totally mis-informed about the source of funding for city streets (sales and property taxes), and wants cyclists to be required to buy a product that does not exist (bicycle liability insurance). Why is this guy being given a forum when he doesn’t know what he is talking about? When I applied to write for my writings were reviewed (in this blog, and in the archives of my previous blogs) before I was accepted, I guess because I’m reporting on a subject that requires knowledge and experience. I would hazard a guess that being a conservative doesn’t require knowledge of facts and the ability to work with facts. 😉 Hi all you real conservatives out there, that don’t like Neo-Cons either!

And that’s the mess for this morning.

Billed @$.02, Opus


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