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A weak Feed today

The Feed was weak today, not in number of articles but in the content of most of them. I left most of them out of today’s post because of a serious lack of information.

In the lacking information group is this wreck report from Norman OK. Firefighter injured in bicycle accident and Injured firefighter improving I hate the use of the phrase “hit by the car”. It implies that the car acted on its own, and is another attempt to absolve the driver or responsibility for the wreck. KITT is still science fiction (although research with autonomous vehicles is progressing at an amazing rate), for the foreseeable future cars will still have drivers, who will be responsible for their actions. As for how you can avoid the same situation, I don’t know all the articles say is that he was hit. You would think it was in the UK instead of OK.

And in CO they caught a guy that was driving high on drugs after he hit a cyclist and 2 parked cars. Man arrested after bicycle accident They could have worded the headline a bit better “Man arrested after hitting bicyclist” used fewer letters and got the idea across that there was a cyclist hit with something. Using the phrase “bicycle accident” could imply that the man was riding the bicycle and was doing something wrong to cause a wreck. As for how you can avoid the same situation, aside from checking your six constantly and always having an out stoned drivers are just like drunk drivers, nearly unavoidable. If they see you they may think you’re just another vehicle on the road and try to follow you, not realizing the speed difference until they hit you from behind.

And from what some call the most bicycle friendly state in the US comes a report on what may be the first bicycle fatality in nearly 6 years in the town it happened in. Monday crash that killed bicyclist might be Salem’s first since 2003 Still no word on the cause of the wreck or if charges will be brought.

And I’ll finish up with one of the fluff pieces that clogged up the Feed this morning. As the season turns, keep safety in mind Seven paragraphs of nearly content-free verbiage, with a link to actual laws that have actual usable information, and there were at least 12 more articles more or less like this in the Feed this morning. I’m having a saccharine OD.

And that’s it for this morning, I have to go to work for the Examiner and interview politicians about a bill up before the Legislature about bicycle safety (and also pedestrians, motorcycle riders, people working on the side of the road, and people driving farm equipment from one field to another on the roads).

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