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A huge Saturday Feed

Yes we had another huge Feed today, and yes we had a really good signal to noise ratio. We also had a story that made me really mad angry, which was a story that had a bunch of media reports also.

Getting to the really big story that made me really angry, a bike store owner is hit by a box van. Update: Cyclist Meek killed in early morning accident is the most complete report, and Bicycle rider fatally injured in traffic and almost a word for word copy Bicycle rider fatally injured in traffic He had a huge, intensely bright flashing light, and the driver didn’t see him? I call bull, not that not seeing him is any excuse. I frequently use the saying, “‘I didn’t see (the cyclist)’ is an admission of guilt, not an excuse.” I want to know why the killer in this case is being allowed to continue to drive, much less not in jail. TN has a 3 foot passing law that was obviously not obeyed in this wreck, and I know of nothing in the law that absolves the driver of guilt for not seeing the cyclist.

Another hit-and-run in FL almost kills another cyclist, and he ain’t out of the woods yet. FHP seeking hit-and-run driver who hit cyclist The cyclist has already lost a leg above the knee, and they may have to remove more leg to save his life. My views on hit-and-run are pretty well known but if you came late to the party, they’re scum, lower than scum, when they get caught they need to be thrown under the jail, and if they manage to dig their way back out they need to be thrown under again, much harder.

A KS teen is injured by a hit-and-run driver Teen Bike Rider Hurt in Hit and Run Accident Yep another one. At least this one came back to get arrested, I hope his dungeon cell is poorly lighted and damp, and “Bubba” is love-starved. (J/K)

WA state cyclists debate the merits of a bill pending in their state legislature. Cyclists weigh in on bike safety bill The bill would require a minimum of 3 feet clearance when passing and makes crossing a double yellow line to pass a cyclist legal. I don’t know what it would do about homicidal maniacs that want to kill cyclists for being on the road in front of them.

And apparently the legal system in the UK is as lenient against drivers that hit cyclists as TX. Another killer driver escapes prosecution I covered this wreck last week, and to blame a lack of signage for the driver hitting the cyclist instead of the driver not paying attention to what is on the roads in front of him… well.

This report has a hit-and-run where the victim also left, down at the bottom of the article. Man killed in two-car collision in Co Wexford Yes it’s a good idea to wait around for the LEO to make a report and make sure you don’t need a trip to the hospital.

And finally we have a story of a cat suicide that took out a cyclist. Inquest told cyclist died in collision with cat Yes, they found a dead cat at the site of the wreck when they went back to find possible broken bits off the bicycle, with injuries consistent with haveing been hit by a bike, and also cat fur on the bike. Watch out, Fluffy wants to kill you. 😉

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