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Here and there, mostly there

I know I have used that headline before, but going into my third year of doing these reports I’m running out of “cute” headlines for what is really not a very cute subject. I’m about ready to just use the one headline “Who is today’s Meat?” over and over, but that would not be very respectful of the injured or the dead.

First up is an opinion piece from the NYT on the changes in bicycling in NYC. The Wild Bunch The author calls for an attempt at placating car-heads by following the laws, and also being nice to pedestrians. I’m personally in favor of following laws and being nice to pedestrians, not because I’m being an ambassador for bicycling but because it’s the right thing to do, and helps make me more predictable when I ride so that drivers know what I’m doing.

More on that Chattanooga cyclist killed by a driver in a box van. Well Known Bicyclist Killed As of last report still no charges filed against the driver for passing closer than the 3 foot minimum in TN law. Why, I can’t say.

And continuing the theme of updating older stories is this story on the anniversary of the wreck where the deputy crossed all the way to the opposite shoulder and hit 3 cyclists, killing 2. A year later, fatal bike crash still resonates with family, friends And still the deputy has not yet seen the inside of a courtroom as the defendant. to quote the article The Santa Clara County deputy has been on paid administrative leave since the crash.

From Denver CO comes the report that a recently laid off reporter for the defunct Rocky Mountain News was seriously injured in a bike wreck. Former Rocky reporter injured in bike accident I hope he recovers and that his medical insurance was still in effect, or that the driver that hit him will be able to pay. That is if there was another vehicle involved, the article didn’t make it plain if there was, but the injuries listed usually are the result of a vehicle impact.

A bike ride is being planned to honor fallen Police and Firefighters in FL. Fallen Captain To Be Honored With Bike Ride If you are in the area I suggest you take this ride in or pledge money to support it.

From the BikePortland blog is a report on the bill to charge OR cyclists $54 per bicycle every 2 years to register their bikes, same as cars and $24 more than motorcycles. A conversation with Rep. Krieger about his bike registration bill I could see this with a concurrent raise in motor vehicle registration to make the costs for vehicles proportional to the damage done by the vehicles, bicycles it is known from long experimental data don’t produce measurable wear to roads built strong enough to carry motor vehicles so should pay only enough to make the registration pay for itself, and other vehicles should pay thousands of times that proportional to their weight.

This just in on my Feed as a cyclist was killed and 2 others injured by a driver driving on the grass as the cyclists were riding on the shoulder. Bicyclist killed in Weston crash and 1 bicyclist killed, 2 injured in Broward County also, with pictures Bicyclist Hit And Killed In Early-Morning Crash From reading the reports in the comments sections we know that the cyclists were on the far edge of the shoulder, corroborated by the picture in the last link. You can see the tire tracks and the gouges in the grass on the left hand side of the picture.

From Jolly Olde comes the sad story of a cyclist that finally dies after weeks in hospital. Cyclist dies weeks after road crash And other than that this is another typical UK wreck report.

With the Cape Argus Pick and Pay ride today there was a summation of the cyclists killed and injured while training for the hardest public ride in the world. Argus cyclists mourn fallen comrades Of the cyclists killed all were legally riding in the legally required area of the road, by drivers that were in most cases either impaired chemically or without drivers’ licenses. Amazingly enough the paper didn’t call for more enforcement against cyclists as a reaction to the spate of wrecks like they did at first.

And that’s the whole bloody mess. I have a comment about the local entity responsible for planning and executing bicycle and all other transportation projects in the North TX area, including Dallas and Ft. Worth that may get posted later tonight.

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