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A nearly death-free Feed

Praise be and Glory Hallelujah! The only deaths and wrecks in the Feed this morning were in a year-in-review article about a light rail service. There were no recent deaths in the Feed. You just don’t know how good that feels to me.

Getting to that year-in-review article first, the Sprinter service in San Diego was not as smooth as the tracks it rode on. Bumpy ride There were a couple of deaths including a cyclist that thought he could beat the train and rode around the crossing guard. Also, I’m no urban planner or transportation wonk (much) but it seems to me that a service that cuts off at 9:30 PM isn’t going to serve 2nd shift workers or people that want to take an evening out and still use public transportation. And also if the Sprinter runs during the day and the freight runs on the same tracks between 9:30PM and 4:00 the next morning, when are they going to do track maintenance?

A successful fund raiser in SoCal named for the initial beneficiary helps more cyclists. Tour de Ed: Local cyclists raise $8,500 in kickoff event The rider the fund raiser was named for, Ed McLaughlin, was paralyzed when he hit an obstruction in a bike trail a couple of years ago, and was on hand to “bless” the cyclists wearing a pope costume at the start of the ride.

Final US report is a story about an injured Gulf War I vet riding a hand cycle and towing his wheelchair from Norman OK to DC to raise funds and awareness for a memorial flag for soldiers. VIDEO: Disabled Norman veteran attempts 2,400 mile bicycle trip to Washington I have to say I never though about using a wheelchair as a luggage trailer, probably because I don’t have a wheelchair. This is a great effort, and if you are on the itinerary you should definitely sign the petition.

Final story is the report on the Caper Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour, a race where average Joes are allowed to compete against top touring pros on the same course against the same conditions. Mayhem at Cape Cycle Tour Of course the pros won, that’s why they’re pros. As the article reported there were several wrecks, some caused by he crowded course conditions and some caused by the high winds (gusting over 35 MPH), and one or two caused by the roads used coming apart.

And that’s all I got this morning, maybe more this evening.

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