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After the late night comes an early morning

Fortunately for my bleary eyes this morning the Feed was small with a high signal to noise ratio. That was good, the actual articles were not-so-good. Onward and downward…

First up, and the only North American report is this article of a little girl riding her bicycle into the street. Child struck, injured by motorist in north Mobile County Well, you didn’t actually think a story about a little girl riding her bicycle in the street was going to end well on this blog, did you? You know, I’m showing my age here, but I remember a time when kids played in the streets all the time and seldom got hurt, much less killed. Streets were frequently the only open area in the little suburbs I used to live in as a kid, everything else was cheek by jowl development with no greenspace besides (other) people’s lawns, which we didn’t play on because that belonged to someone else. A game of catch could easily start in front of one house and go 3 or 4 houses down the street to the other player. The speed limit was obviously way too high for a residential area, 35 MPH are you kidding me? That is the speed for a road between residential areas not in one.

From Oz comes another story about someone getting on a closed street during a triathlon and hitting someone during the bicycle phase. Triathlon competitor injured This seems to be a regular occurrence in Oz, it happened last year to the leader of a race getting hit head on by a drunk, and now again. Is there just no traffic control inside the traffic control area, or does the local LEO just not care?

And finally is a report on another bus killing another cyclist in India, land of “Hell, no I’m not sharing the road. I’m driving a bus.” Cyclist hit by DPS bus, killed At least in India when someone kills a cyclist they are arrested and have to make bail.

And that’s it for this morning.

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After a long day a late night

I was up at 5AM yesterday, and I’m beginning this post a few minutes before 1AM today because I have been almost the entire day away from my computer. I had to go talk to some Gov’t people (don’t worry, I’m not in trouble) and had just enough time to change clothes and eat before I was off to a ritual at church. FYI tonight was the “Worm moon” and we blessed some worms for the church’s compost pile (what, your church doesn’t have a compost pile? then what do you feed to your church’s garden?) and tried to raise energy for scientists studying “hive collapse” which is a major problem in the US apiary (bee-keeping) industry, which then becomes a problem to a large chunk of the US food supply, including the most important ingredient in my PBH sandwich breakfast. Without the honey it’s just bread and peanut butter.

We had 2 really big stories in the Feed this morning. First up is updates on the Chattanooga cyclist hit with a truck. A lethal threat to bicyclists and Chattanooga: Meek’s death touches bicycling community and the good news Grand jury to hear cyclist death details I only hope that there are some sympathetic ears on the jury. This guy did everything right that he could do, and he still got hit and killed. Chattanooga: Cyclists mourn biker’s death

For the cyclist in FL that was hit from behind by a homicidal maniac behind the wheel of a Mercedes “A few moments later, he was gone;” Friends mourn dead cycling buddy and Survivors recount bicycle crash that killed Coral Springs man Again comments section probably best left to those of us who just don’t give a damn any more…

Also from FL is this dead kid. Teen on bicycle struck, killed west of Boynton Beach I don’t understand how they know the kid was crossing the street, when they don’t even know how many cars hit the kid before he died. Aren’t they making a pretty huge assumption there? And we all know what happens when you assume. I have lost count on the number of dead cyclists this makes in FL this year, are they still on pace to kill more than 50 this year? We may be closer to 75. BTW this was another SWCC crash.

Memorial rides for the 2 cyclists killed by the sheriff’s deputy last year. Bay Area cyclists honoring killed riders and Memorial ride held for killed cyclists Still no closer to putting the cyclist killer deputy in jail, but it’s only been a year, give it time.

I know this is a news article and not a deposition, but as far as I’m concerned this is another SWCC until they cite one of the other cyclists they claim was on the scene. Cyclist struck by vehicle Sunday night Again not enough details to give you a decent way to avoid becoming like the rider.

A note in passing for a fellow journalist with worlds more experience than I Rocky writer had passion for words Again they still haven’t figured out what killed him yet.

A pretty much useful article if you only plan recreational rides around your neighborhood. Safety tips for those on two wheels Yeah I know, but it’s late and you should read the comments anyway.

And finally our last story, about a boy and his bear, or a girl and her doll, or something about a new helmet fit system that keeps them on the kids’ heads instead of hanging from the handlebars. New bicycle helmets promise better fit I would be all for a better way to make helmets fit, because while that makes the helmet feel better it also makes the helmet work better.

And I’m ready to hit the sack. I’m beat.

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