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Mild Feed this morning

We had a small Feed with a high signal to noise ratio this morning, and a blessed lack of dead cyclists to cope with. I didn’t even have to deal with any dead motorcyclists today. That makes it a good day by my reckoning, not a great day and certainly not a wonderful day, but a day without dead people in the Feed is a good day.

First up from SoCal is a story about an injured cyclist in Hayward CA. Bicyclist Seriously Injured in Hayward Collision There were several independent witnesses in this wreck, so there should be a somewhat accurate reconstruction of the events. As of right now we don’t have any recounting of the events, still waiting on that.

From Victoria, BC, up there in Canuckistan, comes a report on cyclists that don’t wear helmets on the Uni campus. Most UVic cyclists helmetless: survey Maybe they think the problem is cars and that won’t be fixed with a styrofoam hat (excuse me that should be EPS hat, styrofoam is a trademark, and also not exactly the plastic used in bicycle helmets). If you want real protection against hitting your head on a car that just hit you, you first need to look at helmets used by downhill MTB riders, with chin bars and fiberglass or carbon fiber shells, then you need to look at the certification sticker inside the helmet. CPSC is tested to the same standard as the $9 Wally World helmets, but the hard composite shell gives some protection against rotational impact as they slide more easily than the typical bike helmet. What you want is the ASTM F1952 standard which is about the same as the DOT standard for motorcycle helmets without the penetration test (because of the holes already in the shell to prevent your brain from cooking). I have worn one of these in Texas’ Summer heat (including completing the Hotter ‘n’ Hell Hundred) for more than 6 years now, and all the brain damage I have suffered was the result of previous wrecks and circumstances outside my bicycling. You may have noticed some BMX stunt riders are wearing full face road or dirt motorcycle helmets to keep their noggins intact. They can do this because they don’t ride for very long at a time and have access to cold fluids right after their rides and also cold packs to cool their heads, but it just goes to show the level of impact you can get even without a motor vehicle hitting you. I have a regular motorcycle helmet I wear in the winter, all 3 weeks of it here in TX.

And finally comes a report on a wreck in Jolly Olde, which wasn’t too jolly for the guy that got hit. Teenage cyclist seriously injured The injuries indicate to me that there was a possible frontal collision, but there’s not enough information for even a SWAG as to what happened.

EDIT: as I was composing this post a report of a fatality came in, but the victim was not hit by a motor vehicle. Elderly bicyclist catches fire, dies Yes that headline was right, he caught fire! Something ignited the nylon jacket he was wearing and set the rest of his clothes on fire, and even though he was extinguished he had so much of his body burned that he died shortly after being taken to the hospital.

And that’s all I got for you this morning, maybe more later.

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Another late Feed

Yes, I get a lot of these. The news was especially packed tonight, a very high signal to noise ratio.

The big story is still the LEO that was killed in Tucson while riding his bicycle in the bike lane. Off-duty officer killed while cycling Tuesday identified and Off-duty police officer killed while riding his bike There’s nothing I can add to this story except that even in a bike lane you have to be alert, and keep an eye on your six. That paint stripe on the road will not prevent cars from crossing over it and hitting you.

From FL is another cyclist getting killed. Bicyclist Killed in Hit and Run The know it was a Toyota car of some model, but not the model or color, which indicates to me that some debris from the car was left at the scene, at least a front or rear badge. but not a part that is normally painted body color.

From Jolly Olde comes news that they have found and charged a hit-and-run driver. Woman charged after accident which killed cyclist Greg Dear on Millbrook Road Unfortunately I still can’t tell you what happened and how to avoid it, because of UK media laws.

From the Emerald Isle comes this story of a Ghost Bike. Ghost bike stays as haunting reminder The cyclist was killed back in January and the Ghost Bike was only planned to be up for a month, but as it is the only one in the country it appears it will remain up for a while longer.

From the other emerald isle in the South Pacific comes a report of a cyclist hit with a truck. Cyclist killed by truck Again local media laws prevent me from advising you on how to avoid this situation, but I can tell you that large trucks should be avoided if at all possible, because of their huge blind spots and weight.

And that’s all for tonight.

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