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Rough Feed today

The Feed this morning was especially high in dead cyclists. I know that when motor vehicles are involved there is an extremely high chance that the cyclist will be killed, but some of the wrecks in the Feed are so… I’m at a loss for words as nothing I can think of adequately describes the carnage and the unnecessaryness of the wrecks. Actually I think that the word “unnecessary” describes the situation adequately. Some wrecks while there is obviously someone at fault given the circumstances you can see a certain inevitability of a wreck happening at that spot sooner or later, that is an infrastructure failure to provide safe sight lines and a speed limit set too high for the convenience of motor vehicle operators, not the safety of other road users. But in some of the wrecks in this Feed the feeling was that there was no reason the person had to die except for the carelessness of the driver(s) involved. That is the definition of an unnecessary wreck.

Getting to one of those first, a cyclist is hit by 3 vehicles in a multiple hit-and-run and the person that stopped to help is hit once. Cyclist Killed During Triple Hit-And-Run What angers me is this is just a short distance from my aunt’s house in Albuquerque and I would have been riding through this very intersection had I been able to make the road trip to Nevada I had planned in 2006.

This one had a man standing in the sidewalk hit by a truck as he was waiting to cross the street. The connection to this blog is he was standing next to his bicycle when he was hit, so he had been riding and was going to be riding again after he walked across a busy highway. Cyclist Killed By Truck ID’d As Tampa Man As per usual the comments section was worth the price charged to see it, nothing. The funny part about the comments section was that both parties involved are members of groups that the local readers of the site love to hate on, and people were sometimes having trouble deciding which they hated worse, Hispanics or cyclists. Watching blame shift from the driver for being Hispanic to the cyclist for being on the sidewalk, in the same post, was a case of unintentional humor.

Another report on the police officer hit from behind while riding his bike in AZ. Off-duty police officer killed in Vail I wonder if the local LEO will perform the same “investigation” of this wreck that they normally perform when a cyclist is killed.

Another cyclist is killed in Seattle. UW lecturer dies after bicycle accident Not much from the article on the mechanics of this wreck, but one of the comments said she ran a stop sign. If true that was a bad thing to do as drivers and other road users are not expecting that. To be safe the first thing you have to do is be predictable. aside from that remark the comments were par for the course, blaming all bicycles for being dangerous, except for the comment that blamed the hybrid car for being too quiet. You can still see a hybrid car if you look, and at a stop sign you should always look, and then look again.

From FL comes a report on LEO cycling in memory of their lost brothers in blue. Cyclists dedicate 270-mile bike ride to families of slain police My son-in-law is a LEO and I hope I never have to ride for him. I rag on LEO when they don’t do their jobs, but I never forget that they are putting their lives on the line every day to protect us.

And the final story is from BC up there in Canuckistan. Cyclist has learned a lesson The letter from the cyclist to be aware of where you are on the road and where others are on the road is the gist of what I have been posting in my blogs for the last 3 years. Be aware of your surroundings. In aviation this is called situational awareness or SA, and is crucial for fighter pilots trying to navigate in a 3D space and fight at the same time. It is equally crucial for cyclists in traffic.

And that’s it.

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