Ne dead bicyclists in the Feed

In fact there were no actual bicyclists in the Feed of any kind or fashion. The only bicycle-related article I could find was an article I published in on bills pending down in Austin that affect bicycles. And a couple of articles about motorcycle wrecks and that’s it for today’s Feed.

I know, that’s kinda sad. I know there were cyclists out there that were killed or injured by motor vehicle drivers, but nobody cared enough to actually put the time to write the articles, or to tell the press so that they can write the articles.

Billed @$.02, Opus


2 responses to “Ne dead bicyclists in the Feed

  1. Another compulsory helmet law, for a helmet that only avoids minor injuries and slightly reduces more severe injuries. Inspired by the recent death of an actress who suffered no visible head injuries but fatal brain injuries.


  2. has a great article on how Ski (and bicycle) helmets work, the forces involve, and that no possible helmet can begin to reduce the rate of death from head injuries.


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